Saturday, April 17, 2010

Careful....You might get pulled over by the word police.

Conversation #1: (Overheard)

Connor: "You can't say that." (to a friend after he said, "stupid.")

Friend: "Oh, yes I can."

Connor: "Well, not at my house, you can't."


Conversation #2: (the morning after watching The Princess and the Frog)

Connor: "Mom, you better take that movie back and never rent it again."
Me: "Why?"

Connor: "Cause we can't ever watch it again."
Me: "Oh, really? Why?"

Connor: "Cause it says, butt."
Me: "It's probably okay. Is that the only bad word in it, Connor?"

Sirri joins the conversation: "Oh, so if a movie only says ONE bad word then we can still watch it?"

Oh, boy. Talk about opening a can of worms!

The conversation did not end there, by the way. We of course discussed that even one bad word in a movie is not okay. We might be limited to Barney and Friends as long as Connor and his word police ears are around! Really, I am proud that he is conscious of these things and I'm sure I'll be reminding him of this conversation one day when he tells me, "it only has ONE bad part!" So, I'll enjoy it while it lasts!


Lauren in GA said...

I love it! The, "Well, not at my house, you can't." proves you are doing a great job there, Lisa-Marie.

Oh, so day you can use the, "it only has ONE bad part!" thing to your advantage.

Lauren in GA said...

He is adorable, too. I think that every time I see a picture of that sweet face.

the wrath of khandrea said...

this is one of those rare moments where you can sit back and bask in the self-righteousness of having a perfect child. do it quickly though, before he punches his sister or something.

Grandma W. said...

Amen, Connor!! You just remember that Honey! You really don't want to watch shows that have any bad words in them anyway! There is probably enough of that just watching TV period! You are good parents, Kendon and Lisa! See how it is really beginning to show!!!
We love you!

Rochelleht said...

Ha ha! That is too funny. My kids do this, too. I liked Princess and the Frog and we went twice, but I'm not sure if I want to own it. I wasn't too comfortable with the 'friends from the other side'.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I love these kinds of little conversations. Before I had children I used to wonder what funny things they would say and what we would talk about. Now, I'm amused and amazed on a daily basis!

Thanks for stopping by my Activity Blog!

Luke and Katie said...

too cute! he is too smart!

jaci said...

since i always forget to tell you there is a blue box (like red box-but clean flicks) in the game store across from little ceasars pizza...we had a similar experience and everyone including grandparents and trusted friends kept saying how good avatar was so we bought it-yuck, horrible language...kaden couldn't even watch it-we got the edited version now. but as we were watching brooke said mom, everyone said this was a good movie and it is bad! good thing she didn't know half of the other bad words in it too! anyways check out the blue box they are a dollar a night too. :)

Grandma W. said...

Lisa, Let's see if the picture works.
Love You!!

Kristen said...

OOoohhh, now that I know you have a blog I am going to be a stalker. I had so much fun meeting you and your family over the course of the wedding and open house. I just love your cute sister and I am so glad that I can call her mine now as well. You guys are such a great family and I am glad that my sweet brother has such awesome people in his life!!

Laurel said...

I took a break, and you came back! It's been so fun to catch up on your life. I can not believe the April snow! Wow. And Conner, the word police? So great. My mom tells the story that once she lost her temper when I was a little thing and said, "damn." And I said, "Oh. Can we say that word now?" Poor mom!

Robin said...

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I have been wearing my HOPE necklace just about everyday since you gave it to me. I love it and so do other people.

Really really love it. I attribute a fair portion of my wild success to that necklace...wouldn't you?!

Thank you so much!

Aunt Penny said...

I love it! Your kids will keep you on the straight and narrow, and they remember most of what you say, so make sure your rules are ones you can live by, too. :) Love you all!

lara said...

kids are amazing at reminding us the black and whites of life! i love it.

Jo Ann Anderson said...

Lisa-Marie, Hi, it is JoAnn from Iowa (Jaci's sis-in-law) I was so bummed to see that you are taking a break from your Etsy shop. Especially since I really wanted to order a birthday gift for a friend. I am really hoping that there is a way to talk you into making a mothers necklace for her. I would offer to pull the weeds in your garden or watch your kids or help you with some odd job, but I am far away, so if there is something that will sweeten the deal for you I am happy to offer my assistance. I am happy to even pay you extra if that is what it will take. Her Birthday is Aug 7th, so you have a little time. Let me know if you can help me out. I would really appreciate it!!! Hope life is good and I am glad that there is someone else out there who updates thier blog as often as I do.