Friday, April 2, 2010

The Most Beautiful Bride and the Nicest Boy in Boise

Last week, my sister Cindy married Travis Worwood. She really was the most beautiful bride I have EVER seen and according to reliable sources, Travis is the "nicest boy in Boise."

When my dad was dancing with Cindy at their reception they had the following (paraphrased) conversation:Dad: "You know what the best part of this day has been, Cindy? Your smile."

Cindy: "I know. Scott (her dentist) did a great job on my teeth, didn't he?"

Dad: "I don't mean your teeth Cindy. I mean your smile. You can tell you are truly happy because of your smile."

I totally agree. Cindy is a beautiful girl to begin with, but that day Cindy radiated happiness and her countenance truly glowed.I have always loved being around new mothers with their brand new babies. It is so fun to remember how I used to feel when I had my first child and to remember the excitement and joy that motherhood brought me. It is the same way with newlyweds. It is such a great reminder of the joy and happiness that can and should come from marriage. It was nice to be shown a great example and have a special reminder of how I should feel about and treat this handsome man that I married nine years ago.......
I wish Cindy and Travis nothing but happiness and joy as they begin their life together. They absolutely deserve one another!

CHEERS to the Worwoods!

Dipping strawberries and having fun hanging out with the family.

The Bigelow Bunch
You've done well, Mom and Dad. You should be proud.

The reception was so gorgeous. My mom really knows how to throw a party and Cindy had really neat ideas.

Marilyn Monroe cousins.
It is always so fun to spend time with Kim and her family.
We miss you guys!!! sniff sniff.

My college roommates. The "Shanty" girls.
Thank you so much for all coming. It meant the world to Cindy.

Lettin' loose on the dance floor. You should have seen Meg and Sarah. They were "raisin' the roof!" Too cute. And I'm sure I looked like the drunk lady. I always get a little carried away!

Daddy and his "little" girls.
All grown up.


Hollyween said...

Ah, what a sweet post. Don't you wish you could freeze your wedding day in time FOREVER? Your sister looks gorgeous on her special day. And you do too! Also, I love the 'marilyn monroe' dresses picture. Too cute!!!

robin said...

oh man, there's that picture of me again...

cindy was gorgeous! what a special couple. i love travis and i don't even know him.

and i wholeheartedly agree with you about wedding reminding us how we felt when we got married. (as we discussed earlier...)

robin said...

weddingS. i meant, weddingS.

Ilene said...

Wait, where is the picture of me?

Oh that's right... I showed up a day late.

Good thing your sister and her new husband didn't make the same scheduling mistake, huh?

Lauren in GA said...

I agree. She is SUCH a beautiful bride. Her smile in the pictures is radiant. I can see why your dad said that to her.

I want to see footage of you lettin' loose on the dance floor!!!

I love how you said to your parents, "You've done well, Mom and Dad. Your should be proud." What a lovely thing to say.

You look great, Lisa-Marie. I like your dress and necklace ☺

Grandma W. said...

Everything was just lovely! The entire week was that way wasn't it?
And, I loved how Cindy and Travis had so much fun at EVERYTHING all week long! And, by the way-------
don't I have three beautiful granddaughters???!!! Actually we have four,but she was busy with the little ones! Yes, your Mom surley knows how to do a nice party for sure!! But, I am sure they are very pleased Cindy is the last one!
We are one lucky family!!
We Love You!

Rochelleht said...

Wow, she IS gorgeous. She's the redhead who got the brown eyes I always wanted...

lara formisano said...

this was really the best time...i can't get over how much fun it was...every last bit of it! cindy was gorgeous...i was just telling my parents that i have never seen her look better. and it was because she was just so happy.

i love you, lisa...i am so glad i got to spend time with you and your wonderful family. i look up to you so much! can't wait to see you again!

sad i didn't get to say goodbye to your family...give them hugs from me:)

cindy. said...

our dad is SO handsome!

i love seeing all of the pictures from the wedding. it was truly a magical day for trav and i. it was so surreal to me that i was getting married. and now that the wedding day is in the past, it also kind of seems surreal. i'm so grateful i have pictures to remind me of that incredible feeling! i want to do it ALL over again (with the same sweet husband of course)!

THANK YOU for all of your hard work that weekend!

sure can't wait to see you all in 2 weeks. love you!

Shelli Chambers said...

OOOh, all your hard work paid off, YOU looked so good! :) and your sister is gorgeous, too.

LOVE the little girls dresses!!

Grandma W. said...

I forgot to say - "Yes, your Mom and Dad have done so very well"!
And, Papa and I are so proud of both of them! You have wonderful parents!
We love you all!!

Stephanie said...

What a surprise when I clicked open to these photo's...What beautiful pictures. I just love your family and it is so fun to see you all together!! Wish I could have gone to the looked like so much fun!