Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm a Blogapa-LOSER!

Today I was supposed to be going here:

Instead, I am still here:

Tonight I was supposed to be wearing this:

With these:
Instead I'm wearing this:
And these:
I was supposed to be hanging out with these girls:

Instead I spent the day with these three:

I was anxious to be inspired at this:

And was looking forward to a break from hearing this:

I was definitely going to be indulging in LOTS of these:

THAT I could make happen:
I was supposed to be giving lots of these:

Instead I shed a few of these:

At six o'clock tonight I was supposed to be feeling like this:

Instead I feel a lot like this:


Penny said...

Sometimes life just sucks, doesn't it. :) I wasn't sure if I would offend you, but it's just the best way to say it. I wish I was close to give you the night off. You should come visit; it's quiet here. :)

Love you all,
Aunt Penny

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

I guess I'm the first one to leave a comment because I'm not at the Women's Conference like your other friends....
I still LoVe ya! lol :o)

CuTe Post! You're So FuN, I can't wait for you to come to Boise again!

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

ok, so Penny beat me by 1 Minute! lol
I was close though! :o)

Rochelleht said...

Bummer! Why didn't you go? I was thinking about them last night. I'm sure they had a blast!

Kim said...

i think those 3 little ones look like a lot of fun to spend the day with....i'll take them! i am sorry you didn't get to go sister. make kendon take you out so you can wear your cute outfit and when you go, splurge on something besides chicken strips!! we love you!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

I feel your pain...

You did an adorable post about it, though!

I love how you got everyone with adorable open mouths for the camera!

You are so CUTE!!!!!

Hollyween said...

Just know that YOU WERE MISSED!! We all lamented about your absence. But just think... you can come next year FOR SURE, right??! And just so ya know, the brownies we had weren't anything like the real 'blog brownies'. My post is forthcoming later this afternoon!

Tristan said...

Your outfit looks cute! Really too bad we didn't get to see it in person. You were missed a lot!!!

Lauren said...

Thanks for your condolences that I couldn't got to BP either :)

I was up with a stomach virus when I commented on Paige's blog...blogging will cure what ails ya ;)

Shally said...

You were one of the people I was looking forward to meeting in person!

Next year...

Bridget said...

We SO, SO missed you! I was really sad to not be able to meet you this time. Next time you MUST come!! I loved the post though. Your outfit was cute. I will give you credit for that. :)

Hazen5 said...

This post honestly made me sad (and laugh too!) I shed some tears for you. We have to meet soon!!!!!

Stacey Jensen said...

We totally would have taken the kiddos for you so you could have gone. What are families for? Next time you better let me know so we can get you on your way and have cousins over to play!! Love you.

Grandma W. said...

Honey, you can do it another year. I know you hated to miss it, but be so glad you have the three special little ones to do things with too! Like Kim said, have Kendon take you out so you can wear your new things! Make it a special night! Wish some of us were closer so we could take the little ones!!!!
We love you!