Monday, May 12, 2008


Last night before going to bed, Sirri asked me, "Mom, what day is SISTER day?"

I don't blame her for feeling a bit envious towards a day that was all about me.
After all I did....
  • get treated to Bajios take-out Saturday night.
  • sleep in Sunday morning.
  • receive a fun new slushy drink/soft serve ice cream maker.
  • eat delicious strawberry and whip cream waffles.
  • not have to do dishes. In fact I was forbidden!
  • not have to plan the family dinner. Way to go Kendon.
  • eat Kendon's super yummy dutch oven potatoes.
  • feel very appreciated for my "job" as a mother.
  • recommit to being a better mom.
  • feel very blessed and thankful for the three beautiful, healthy, fun kids I have!


Shally said...

Jaxon also wanted a "BROTHER" day...

Love the pics!

andrea said...

funny, i was just thinking how infrequently we celebrate mother's day. i was considering pushing for a bill to up it to once a month.

Hazen5 said...

Sounds like a glorious day! I spent most of my day driving from Utah back to So. Ca! I loved every minute of driving 10 hrs. with my well behaved kids (wink wink)!!

Rochelleht said...

Yeah for Mother's Day! My kids kept asking for a kids day, too. Little stinkers! :-)

Grandma W. said...

Soon the kids will understand just
what "Mother's Day" really is and then they will know why there is not a "sister" or "brother" Day!
We all know EVERY day is their day!
And, how lucky your three are!!!
Kendon, you are such a good husband and we all appreciate you so much! Thank you for making it such a great day for Lisa!!
We too, had a nice day! Uncle John and your Dad fixed dinner for
your Mom, Me, Judi, and Judi's Mother, Dora. It was really good!!
Justin helped with the dishes (nearly) did them all, so it was a very nice day for us. I guess they excused Pappa because he is getting older!
We Love You!

Pam said...

The little monkey . . . you tell her everyday is "Sisters Day"!! It would be an extra good sisters day if she'd come and see Grandma!
I'm glad you had such a good day. Way to go Kendon. . . you are such a good husband and father! Mom

Bridget said...

I'm with Andrea. It should be more than once a year. Kids day is every other day of the year. They just don't realize it yet.

Christie said...

Yeah, it's kid day every day. Those suckers could stand to pay a little attention to us moms now and then.

Lauren said...

That is so cute she asked about Sister's day. My son asked somewhat accusingly, "When is it Kids' day, Mom?"

GREAT JOB, KENDON! way to make Mother's Day what it should be!

Hollyween said...

Happy LATE Mother's Day. Wow... yours sounds like it was FANTASTIC!!!!