Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Better Late Than NEVER, Week in Review

New Years:
We had a great time staying home and going to bed! Aren't we exciting! Actually Kendon and I did stay up past 11:00 watching a great movie, The Ultimate Gift. It is not a church movie but could be. It has a super message and is a good one to start off the year. It does have a little girl with Leukemia in it though. This makes for a hard movie for us to watch right now what with Aseneth and all. Kendon loved the movie but said, "I hate that movie." just because it was too close to home. I of course cried, which gives me a headache.

We are excited about the New Year and the chance to renew our commitment to strengthen our family by creating goals together. (New Years post to come....)

Speaking of Aseneth:
Our Bishop got up in church on Sunday and starts out by saying (in a very choked up manner,): "I have some news about Aseneth...." Kendon and I both immediately looked at each other with panic until the Bishop continued. He told us that Aseneth is doing a little better. She finished her last round of chemo for a few weeks and this helps her to not feel so sick. She did get an infection in her eyes though that caused her to permanently loose some of her eye sight. I feel so sad about that. I know losing your eyesight is better than your life but I still feel sorry that she will have to face the challenges that are ahead because of it. The doctors may allow her to come home for a few days but are worried about her being around people because her immune system is so weak.

New Years Day:
Kendon was on call but didn't get a call all day. It was so nice. We took the kids bowling in the morning and played games with Kendon's family all afternoon. It was a lot of fun!

Connor's happy dance!

Debbie the Doe:
Anyone curious how the homemade jerky turned out? Actually, pretty good. Kendon and the kids love it. I think it is a bit gamey for my likes. Connor asks for it by name, "dad, can I have some Debbie the Doe please." Disgusting but hysterical I know!!! I'm considering it food storage and that makes me feel better about the whole situation! (Deer in tub included!)

Sirris' face says it all!

The Kids:
Sirri and Connor have been playing so well together this week. It always takes them a while to get back into winter mode and to begin creating their own indoor fun. They have been playing, "iceskating" which involves pushing their toy cars and mini step stools all over the kitchen floor. I don't really understand exactly how it is played but I do know that Sirri MUST have socks on to play. They have also been "fishing." This involves filling buckets, and baby cradles and buggies with all the toys they can cram inside. They then say, "look what I caught!"

Sirri went to her first big girl birthday party. It was at the Bowling Alley and it was so hard for me to leave her there. I wasn't worried about the party, I just don't like her growing up and me losing my all mighty control. I don't like the fact that I don't know what she is doing, whether or not she is being nice to her friends or if they are being nice to her. I know, she is only four but she'll be fourteen before I know it and then I'll really be a mess!
Meg has been thrilled with the harmonicas that Uncle Sharman gave the kids for Christmas. Kendon and I like it too. Anytime she is sad we give her the harmonica and she is happy as a clam. I'm sure the novelty will wear off shortly and she will be on to our little trick. But until then, bring on the music!!! Most people don't like noisy toys, but I like them better than sad kids.

And Meg is still getting into trouble. But, isn't she so cute!
The Temple:
On Wednesday I was able to help at the Temple open House as an suher. It was a very special, once in a lifetime experience. Even though it was 6:00 in the morning I was able to feel the Spirit so strongly.

On Saturday we were able to take the kids to tour the temple. It was a neat experience as well and I know that the kids could feel the importance of the sacred building they were in. (A detailed, building of the temple, post to come!)


Talia said...

I can't wait till we get to go see the new temple! My husband suprised me with tickets for January 17. It's the anniversary of our 1st date, so kinda special! It was all my primary kids could talk about this past Sunday in class. I'm so happy that even at such a young age they can appreciate something so sacred and special! It made me want to go even more!

Have fun in Cali...lucky girl!!

gab said...

Beautiful new temple...you're so lucky to have one close by!

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Can't believe I missed so many posts. Geez!
Isn't going to the temple in any form the best thing ever? I love the temple.

Oh, and I have to tell you that our freezer sort of died in the garage and all the deer meat went bad. I'm so sad. NOT!

Grandma W. said...

How nice you got to usher at the Temple! Your Dad showed me some
pictures. It is beautiful! Also had some pictures in our paper one day. My gosh, the kids are growing up so fast! They are all so darned cute! And, Meg is sure learning! Ha Ha! Hey! I knew the jerky would be good!! Kendon is so smart!
Love you and have fun!!!

Penelope Crackers said...

That temple looks so beautiful. Love all the pics. We went bowling around New Years time with our kids too and had a blast!