Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review January 21-27

"What do we do all week when it is too cold to go anywhere, school is canceled for days, the roads are covered in ice, the snow is two feet deep, and the wind is howling?" edition.

Consume LOTS of liquid calories via hot chocolate.

Study up on Clifford, No David, Tractors, and Firetrucks.

Fall off the train table, land on a tupperware box and get an owie to match the one on the other side of head.

Date night for Mom and Dad to Kendon's Archery Club Banquet. Kendon won the Biggest Bear Award and was made this year's Club President. Go Big Daddy!

Lots of creating.

Play together, get time out together!
Doesn't look like timeout works very well, does it?

Play memory. Again. Again. Again.
(Growl over current camera's picture taking ability.)

Learn the alphabet during breakfast.

Build sugar cube temples.

Practice acrobatic skills for when Mother ships us off to the circus.

Wish we were going somewhere warm. Like California. To see Baby Sarah. Again.

Start a family band.
(Curse camera again.)

Order new camera!

Oh, and the week wouldn't be complete without a little NAUGHTY!

Look at that... we CAN actually have a good time when it is too cold to go anywhere, school is canceled for days, the roads are covered in ice, the snow is two feet deep, and the wind is howling!


Eli & Angela said...

Unless someone beats me, I'm first to comment. It's cold where we're at, but I can only imagine what Rexburg is like. I'm cold just thinking about it. I do not miss those snow packed roads that stay that way for a good part of the year. At least you have a temple now and don't have to travel far. I guess you could almost get away with never leaving Rexburg. =)

Laurel said...

I spent a year in Rexburg...the memories still haunt me. Just kidding! But I did spend one long day slipping around campus in my brand new "boots." They did not deserve the name and caused me some humiliation that day. Curse the ice/snow.

You are a cute mom.

gab said...

Oh wow! I have been missing snow this winter. But not that much I guess...

Looks like you're having fun anyway!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

You're a much better mom than me. When school is cancelled, I try to go back to bed and plant them firmly in front of a pile of DVDs. Never thought of crafts, alphabet pancakes, and books. Hats off, sister.

Anonymous said...

oh my! Ditto, with Stie above... much better than me!

...Aren't there video games that are calling your name somewhere?!

Lauren said...

That was great! You did a great job doing lots of fun things and not going stir-crazy! I would be tempted to eat those Sugar Cube temples! I love your pancakes, too!

*sigh* can you tell I am on a diet?

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

How FuN! --You must walk around with a camera on your neck taking pictures when inspired! -- you're Awesome! We are getting dumped with snow right now & another on the way....so cold!

Kim said...

and we are supposed to be surprised that you had dun indoors all week? amazing things always take place at the jensens!!! XOXOX

Kim said...

i meant fun..not dun!! :)

Rick and Annie said...

YOu can tell you are a good mom!

Amanda said...

Oh those pictures are so cute and what a treat! Thank you for sharing. I just love how you take pictures of everyday life. I need to get better at that.

And NesQuik straight out of the box. Mmm...good times! :)

Bridget said...

My 3 yr old did the exact same thing with our chocolate Nesquik. Drank that powder straight.

I am getting really tired of staying home due to icy roads. Kudos to you for keeping your sanity and helping your kids have fun.

Celia Fae said...

I love your hunting party blouse! And the photo together, I bet you wouldn't have taken that if you weren't a blogger.

The photo of your kids at the circus is awesome. Please don't ever make them wear pants again.