Thursday, January 31, 2008

We LOVE You, Grandma!

This is for you Grandma Weldon. The kids and Kendon and I want you to know that we are thinking of you. We love you so much and hope that you will be feeling better soon.


If you can't understand what they are singing, here are the words:

I love Pappa, he loves me.
We love Grandma yes siree.
She loves us and so you see,
We are a happy family!!

We love you Grandma!!!!


Kim said...

the entire thing was adorable but my favorite part was sirri's bow at the end!! i love you too grandma!!

katie said...

that is TOO cute!!

Mom/Grandma Bigelow said...

Who are those cute little performers? You sure made your Grandma Weldon feel better with your song! We love you so much.
Grandma and Grandpa

Lauren said...

Such fantastic stage presence! I love the cowboy hat and heels! Grandma will be thrilled !

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Soooo sweet!!!
Faith was sitting on my lap during it and laughed and laughed! You're famous!

Laurel said...

The bow at the end was the cherry on top!

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

You're the best Daughter-in law Lisa! :o)
I LOVe the bow at the

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

ok, mabey it's not your "mother in law" that the song was for. Oh well, you're still a good --in law! lol


i win AGAIN...the cutest nieces and nephew award.


Bridget said...

I love the bow at the end! My dad's first name is Weldon. Not a common name.

Patty said...

I'll tell you one thing ... This little video sure made Auntie 'Bubbles' feel better after a really tough day!! Sirri & Connor, you two have got TALENT!! :) I love you!

Patty said...
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Kaya said...

This is Kaya.
They're so cute.
I really can't wait see them.

Kaya said...
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Grandma W. said...

I just had to go back and answer this VERY SPECIAL program!! That really did make Grandma feel better
even though I couldn't sit up and comment! That is probably what sent me on the way to recovery for sure!!! Boy, Honey, you write the script and they carry it out!! You are all amazing! We are so anxious to see all of you very soon! Little Sarah is going to LOVE her little cousins!!!! Thank you for the darling video!!
We love you all!