Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review Feb. 10th-16th

HIGHLIGHTS and "lowlights" Edition:
  • HIGHLIGHT: The Rexburg temple dedication.
  • lowlight: I've yet to call for Kendon and I to do a session.
  • HIGHLIGHT: My Dad was in town for two days this week.
  • lowlight: Kendon was out of town for 6.
  • HIGHLIGHT: Doing dishes with my dad. I have very fond memories from my childhood of doing dishes with my dad. When our family dish washer broke, my dad didn't have it fixed for a long time so he could spend time doing dishes with his kids and having an opportunity to talk to us. Us girls now all have fond memories of this and my mom liked it too! My dad is a smart man!
  • lowlight: Not having the song, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," by Iron Butterfly. My dad and I always listened to that 17 minute song while doing dishes and tried to finish before the LONG drum solo. Good times. Thanks dad!
  • HIGHLIGHT: Having dinner at Applebees with Dad and the fact that the kids were very well behaved.
  • lowlight: Ordering off the Weight Watchers menu. (O.K., in all honesty my meal was still really good!)
  • HIGHLIGHT: Swimming at dad's hotel! I got to spend the whole time in the hot pool with Meg! Grandpa had the "honor" of swimming in the frigid water with the kids. What a great grandpa!
  • lowlight: Sirri screaming the whole way home because her eyes hurt from the chlorine.

  • HIGHLIGHT: Painting with pudding!
  • lowlight: Painting with pudding is a mess! Oh well. Big mess = lots of fun!
  • lowlight: My valentine was out of town.
  • HIGHLIGHT: Grandma and Grandpa Bigelow's FUN V-day packages!
  • lowlight: Connor wore his "Buck" shirt from Grandma ALL week.
  • HIGHLIGHT: Pink, heart shaped pancakes with pink milk for breakfast.
  • lowlight: I ate oatmeal.
  • HIGHLIGHT: Sirri had a great time at her pre-school party. As soon as she walked in the door, she said, "Connor! I have a surprise for you!" She then dumped all her candy on the kitchen table, and shared it with her brother! That's what V-day is all about!
  • lowlight: They ate every single piece in one sitting.
  • HIGHLIGHT: Brooke and Koy came over to have Heart shaped pizza and chocolate chip cookies for dinner with us.
  • lowlight: I ate the pizza and cookies too! (or is that a highlight?!?!?!)
  • HIGHLIGHT: Kendon came home!!!
  • lowlight: His plane couldn't land in Idaho Falls on Friday night, due to weather, and he didn't make it home until Saturday night. I missed my Sheri Dew fireside.
  • HIGHLIGHT: Writing our "love story" all week. That really was so fun!
  • lowlight: You'll have to wait to hear the rest. I'm going to continue writing it but I'll do it once or twice a week. There are so many details I want to remember. It makes for a long story, I know. Thanks for hanging in there and enjoying it with me!


Lauren said...

I loved this! I loved the part about doing dishes with your dad! He was smart to use that time to get to know his girls :)

You are such a fun mom! Those pink heart shaped pancakes and pink milk were great! Sorry your valentine was out of town, though...

Kim said...

Sarah and I miss Grandpa. How lucky the kiddos were to be able to have Grandpa there! SOON we will be having highlights together...we can't wait!!! XOXOXO

Bridget said...

What a fun week! I think your highlights definitely outshine the lowlights. Unless you're talking hair color then they're both good. OK that was a really cheesy joke but I couldn't resist.

Celia Fae said...

Lisa-Marie, your parents sounds awesome. How fun that you could spend some time with your dad!

On another note, I just finally read your love story and it is adorable. I especially liked Kendon's addition!

Anonymous said...

umm yes, pizza and cookies are a HIGHLIGHT! sounds like a great couple of days... except for the no hubby thing... sigh

Christie said...

Will your dad come here and help me with my dishes? My husband is out of town, too, and there's no one but me to do them. Major lowlight.

Mom/Grandma Bigelow said...

I'm not sure who enjoyed the visit more ... you or Dad!!! He had such a wonderful time visiting and playing with you and the kids! His heard melted with how loving little Meg was! He said she just kissed and hugged him. Grandma can't wait for her turn in a few weeks!!! Thanks for sharing your week and especially the pictures!
Love, Mom

Hollyween said...

My highlight was reading this cute post! The lowlight was that I didn't do one of my own because I'm lazy and I have nothing to say.

Your dad seems so sweet!

Laurel said...

Dieting is a low light, and one that I must begin experiencing again very soon. But painting with pudding? Such a highlight! Way to go, good mom!

Ugh, no valentine on Valentines? Bummer! Hope you two can make that up this weekend.

Jenibelle said...

Do you live in Rexburg? I am coming to meet my daughter's "freind" in March, I want to meet you!!
When I was in high school mom wanted to buy a dishwasher, Dad said "why Deanie? Why have two" pointing at my sister and I! He didn't help though, you got the better end of that deal!

My Dad was TERRIFIC though! I miss him.

Phillip and Kirsten said...

I LOVE your love story! Nice to hear the Shanty Spies were alive and active...

Jessica said...

THe Applebees WW menu is totally good. It's the only diet food (when going out to eat) I can actually look forward to.

(Fun format!)

Jenibelle said...

Lauren totally remembers you!! She lives in Tuscany but you will see her at Maverick getting fro-yo or Jamba. If you see her introduce yourself, there is usually a blonde with a texas accent next to her. You can be her surrogate mom, okay, you aren't old enough for that, you can be her sister!!

(By the DO NOT need WW, you look fabulous!!!)

Grandma W. said...

Hi Honey! I think I am back! I can't go back to all I missed - will just say, "they are all wonderful as always!" I will try to keep up now. What a great two days with your Dad! How special for him, the kids and you to have had that time together!! He is a very special Dad and son-in-law!!! We are all so lucky to have him! I know how much he enjoyed being there!! We can hardly wait to have "ALL" the little ones here in a couple of weeks! And, Katie and Matt will be here before you and the kids go home! She is so excited to get to see all of you! She thought she was going to miss you. God sure has a way of working things out!!
She and Kim get to see each other
quite often, so won't be bad to miss her. We are just so grateful you all get to come!! You just don't know what it means to us "oldies"!! We love you so much!

Grandma W. said...

I just had to add one more comment to get sort of caught up! I loved the "love story" posted by both of you! We knew how you felt Lisa, but it was fun to hear Kendon's side of the story! I just want to tell you how wonderful it is, how much you love each other and you always will! That is the kind of background children need! That is what you kids got at home and why you have grown up to be the way you are!! Your Mom and Dad set such a great example for all of you! I like to think it came from the way they were raised too and I am sure it did. Grandpa and Grandma Hiatt were the same way -
clear to the end of thier lives.
Sometimes, he had such crazy ways of showing it, but she loved it!!
Always keep those feelings in your hearts and you will instill the
same things in the kids hearts!
We love you!

Amanda said...

I love the highlights/lowlights. Those are too cute! How sweet that your dad took the time with you over something as mundane as dishes. Proof that quality time can happen anywhere and doesn't cost a dime.

I'm thinking the dishwasher just might break around here in another 10 yrs. Maybe.

Amanda said...

Oh, duh! I forgot to add: I'm glad you got your Tupperware and that you love it! I'll be doing another giveaway next month, too! :)

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

Oh Lisa...
You brought back memories for me too! We used to wash the dishes every once in a while... my grandparents NEVER owned a D/W & would ALWAYS wash by hand. My dad started doing that with us every Sunday after our BIG dinners! -Loved it! :o)
Also, I LOVE making pudding paint... I usually do it during the sumner -outside, so I can just hose the kids off! -it's great FUN though! :o>
Thanks Lisa, great post.