Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kendon's Perspective

Please Welcome, my dear husband, Kendon. He is going to guest post on my blog tonight so we can all enjoy his perspective of our first date.

Without further adieu....Kendon!

(It's Valentines Day Okay?!?!! I can be sappy.)

Kendon’s view of our first date goes something like this. (Now remember that I am a man and our memories aren’t as clear as the women, so I probably don’t … ok I don’t remember what she was wearing).

As I am walking up to the door I wonder what she looks like, if we will get along, IF there will be a second date.

Well, I get to the door and ring the door bell.

A shorter than I thought, yet pretty fair looking girl who I at first glance thought was Lisa-Marie answered the door. She (later to find out was Camilla) says, “You must be Kendon”. Camilla yells for Lisa-Marie. I wasn’t that nervous since we have talked through email and on the phone several times throughout the summer. Lisa came into the living room and my first impression of her was "WOW! What a cute 1st redhead." (never dated a redhead before).

We exchanged hellos and put her mountain bike on the pickup in the bike carrier. We sat inside the pickup discussing where to eat and decided to pick up a sandwich from Millhollow. We got them to go and decided to eat them on our mountain bike ride.

On our ride to the Ashton Hill I don’t think that there was any awkward silence that happens so often on those “1st dates”. We, at least I, enjoyed the company. But one thing befuddled me…."why would a girl wear makeup and perfume on a mountain bike date??" I guess she dressed to impress.

This picture is not from our date, but it IS Kendon and his bike.

We arrived at Anderson Mill Rd. atop the Ashton Hill and unloaded the bikes and started our ride. We talked a little as we rode and finally at the end before we turned back we found a nice little meadow and had a lunch and great conversation, I think. I do remember thinking, "maybe I will ask this gal out again."

We started the trip back to the pickup and still talked a little. Just before we got to the pickup there was a pretty steep hill for the last quarter mile or so. I told Lisa that I will go ahead and get the pickup and come back to get her. I rode on and got to the pick up and loaded my bike. When I turned around I couldn’t believe what I saw…. There she was huffing and puffing, but she made it to the pickup before I could even get in and start driving. I thought to myself, “Wow, what a girl. She can hold her own on a mountain bike, IMPRESSIVE. I could get to like a girl like this.”

And I, could get to like a boy like THIS!

I loaded her bike and we started back to Rexburg when I asked if she would like to stop and get an ice cream cone. She said ok and so we stopped at Dave’s Grocery and got the ice cream. We finished the drive back to Rexburg. We parked in front of Lisa’s house and talked for who knows how long, but I do remember seeing the curtains kept moving in the living room…..WE WERE BEING SPIED ON. We talked and talked (now remember I am a guy so don’t ask me what we talked about. All I know is that I was smitten by my redheaded date. After we had talked for a while we said our goodbyes and I left… For all you romantics out there, there was no kissing, just a hug or two. I didn’t think she wanted to kiss…huh Lisa. Ha,ha,ha….this would be another story altogether.

This is one of the VERY few pictures I have from the beginning of our courtship. ICK. But it's for posterity.

So later that week myself and a few close friends were heading off to Quebec, Canada to go on a caribou hunt, and so there wasn’t much communication between Lisa and myself for two weeks or so.

She will tell of the boy she met AND kissed while I was away...

Disclaimer: If there is anything that conflicts with what Lisa-Marie thinks, she is probably more right than I.


Mom/Grandma Bigelow said...

Kendon, We are happy that you could "Get to like a girl like this"! We of course think she is pretty darn special (and we of course built them tough)and glad that she found a great guy who is a great husband and fantastic father!! We love you! Pam

Lauren said...

Well, it's easy to see why you were smitten!

That was a great post! Thank you so much for your perspective!

Yeah, girls wear make-up and perfume when they are trying to impress :)

You didn't know at that time that Lisa-Marie and Camille had already trapsed all over the greater Rexburg area in search of you. No wonder she gussied up...she was totally interested :D

Lauren said...

Oh, I meant "Camilla"

Lisa-Marie, that picture of you is NOT icky! You look so cute!

So, of course your readers are curious who you met and kissed while your future husband was off caribou hunting...

Paige said...

Any girl who goes mountain biking deserves a big fat kiss. I'm guessing the minute she got married the mountain biking went away forever... We'll do anything to impress a guy, no?

Bridget said...

Makeup and perfume are always acceptable. Even on exercising dates. That's how we are.

Great post. Thanks for the manly perspective.

Christie said...

Can you imagine being attracted to a girl who didn't wear make-up and perfume on any kind of a date? You'd think she was a schlump! Well-done, LM.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I gotta show John that pic of the carribou. I think our husbands would hit it off, Lisa!
Very sweet story. I can't wait to hear about the other guy you kissed.

I'm waiting.........!

Rick and Annie said...

What you keep cutting off at the climax!! I am holding on to every word my friend. For the love of pete just finish the story lol!!

James & Dawn said...

Reading your little love story has been so fun! I'm hooked and can't wait to hear what happened next!

janelle said...

So smart, deferring to Lisa-Marie when in doubt. You must aim to keep her. That's awesome that she'd go mountain biking on the first date. I'd be scared silly that I couldn't keep up - not so good for a first date.

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

This has been fun to read Lisa... It's Always fun to get the "guys" side of the story, our story has 2 sides! i'll tell it sometime as it gets closer to our Anniversary.
Thanks for sharing & I can't wait for you to kiss & tell about the "other" guy! -- Thanks for tattling on her Kendon! :o> or we would not have known....
love all the pictures!