Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review Feb. 17th-23rd

Baby Meg Edition

I'm still feeling guilty about the Christmas post that Meg was so unkindly left out of. So, since we had a pretty boring week, but Meg is learning something new everyday, this post is all about HER!

Words Meg can sign:
Thank You
Bye Bye
Night Night

Signs we are working on:
All Done

Meg LOVES her blankie. She is just now starting to become "attached." (making bedtime easier! Now, if she'd quit waking up in the night.) When each of our kids was born, Daddy bought them a special fuzzy blanket. All three kids LOVE them!
Meg really wants to be one of the BIG KIDS!
And sometimes, she still wants to be the BABY!

Words Meg can Say:
Uh! Oh!
Mama (but rarely. boohoo.)
Hi ("huh")
Duck (as in duck duck goose! So cute!)

She is great at:


She's figured out the concept of being silly and funny and hams it up pretty well! She loves to get a laugh.

She is becoming more independent, which equals MESSY!
Independent also means stubborn and her fits are even better, I mean WORSE than this one. She now throws herself on the floor and conks her head.

Meg Loves:
To give kisses. (very snotty ones!)
Her cup
To wake up early
Taking her socks off

She's just as CUTE as ever!


NT Weekes Family ~ said...

HA HA I'm the first one to comment!! What do I get for being #1?! :o)
Lisa, I loved this post... the black & white pictures are "classic". I love B/W pictures!! My 3rd child is also just so Cute & sweet, maybe we are suppose to have more kids!
I watch my friends little boy every once in awhile & she is teaching him sign lang. too. I know a few of the signs that you are teaching Meg... it's so fun!
Thanks for letting me be the first one to comment... great minds think a like! lol

Kim said...

Meggers Aunt Kimmy can't wait to see you. You are getting to be such a big girl...I think I will hardly recognize you! Baby Sarah sends her love and is excited to play with her cousins. HUGS and KISSES!!

Celia Fae said...

I feel a little teary reading this post. I can't believe how fast they are growing and how sweet
Baby Meg is. I loved all of the photos. Your new camera is great. She is getting so much hair!

Glad to know someone else is throwing baby fits. I can't believe how everything is an issue these days.

Lauren said...

That was so lovely!

I loved the singing! She can belt it! I liked how she told you uh, uh and nodded her head, "no" when she wasn't interested in singing. So cute!

I also liked the picture of her trying to get her blanket out of her crib, and trying to get on the stool like the big kids. She is a doll.

Bridget said...

The poor third child in my family gets the shaft often too. Good for you for dedicating a post to her. What a cutie!

Christie said...

I love a baby in a blanket sleeper. She is seriously so cute. Can I have her? Just for a few days? PLEASE! All my babies are big and jointy now. None of that soft, squishy stuff that I love.

Hazen5 said...

I see your comments everywhere and I just had to comment on yours! BTW, thanks for saying I have hot shoulders, you made my week! You have an adorable family and Your Little Sweet Meg did deserve a post all for herself! Looking forward to meeting you at the Blog Party!!!!!

Lisa-Marie said...

Rachel (Hazen5):

We're going to have people wondering about the "hot shoulders" comment aren't we?!?!?! hee hee! Too bad.

gab said...

I hate to sound like an old lady saying, "Enjoy her while she's little...they grow up so fast."

But really. Enjoy her while she's little...they grow up SO fast!

Mom/Grandma Bigelow said...

Well, Meg finally gets her moment! She is so darn cute and she can also say Grandma!!!!!!!!
Thankf for the special post. One week from today!!!!!! Love, Grandma

Jessica said...

That one where she's all messy looks like Kendon (and not just cause she's messy...just because she does). Am I right?

Grandma W. said...

Yeaaaaa! We finally got to see Meg on the blog again!!! My gosh, she is getting so big! We won't even recognize her! Won't be long now!!! I am sure she has to have a mind of her own to keep up with her brother and sister!!! Just wait until she really gets going!
She is going to be like her Grandma B, and when she does start really talking - look out!!!
We love you!

Hollyween said...

Soooo sweet! I love the singing part. Oh, and don't you just love that black and white feature of the camera? I really need to use that more! You've inspired me!

Do you LIKE that camera? I need to know!

Kim said...

soon we will be with you!! sarah wanted me to ask if she can have the adorable striped dress when meggers grows out of it?!?! :)