Thursday, June 19, 2008

38 Reasons Why I Love You....

1. You are very handsome and get cuter/sexier/hotter with age. No wonder you are getting so good looking!!! hee hee.
2. You enjoy living a simple lifestyle.
3. You enjoy including the kids and I in your hobbies.
4. You think it is sexy when I shoot my bow.
5. You would probably prefer that I grow my hair out, but love me with it short just the same.
6. You can't tell a fib. You do a silly thing with your face that gives it away every time.
7. Sometimes I spend too much money and you never get mad. (Maybe, like this week!!!!)
8. You are great at teaching Primary and I love to learn from you.
9. You are quite predictable.
10. You call me lots when I am out of town.
11. You call me lots when I am at home.
12. You always encourage me to do my "stuff."
13. You are passionate about hunting and archery. I think passion is attractive.
14. You are thoughtful.
15. You hope that people will think you are "tough," but anyone who knows you well, knows it's not true. You are more on the "softy" side.
16. Even if you aren't "tough," you are STRONG. I like a man who is strong.
17. You are a jack of all trades. You can fix anything.
18. You would eat hot dogs every night if I fixed them, but you appreciate a nice home cooked meal as well.
19. You aren't afraid to do the dishes.
20. Or the laundry, or mop the floor, or change poopy bums, or vacuum.
21. Sometimes you do voices when you are reading the kids bedtime stories.
22. Ice cream is one of your favorite foods. Especially mint chip. Mine too!
23. You almost always have a kid tagging along with you, no matter what it is you are doing.
24. Your confident enough that I can wear my tall shoes and you don't care that I'm taller than you.
25. You like to read. You really like to read in the bath tub.
26. You always help with house projects. You don't just let me do it. You pitch right in. TEAM WORK!
27. Sometimes you leave me notes on the bathroom mirror.
28. You call me, "Babe."
29. You sing the hymns at church and in FHE.
30. You always try to remember family prayer.
31. You cook a mean elk steak dinner.
32. You like to play games.
33. You can't ever let me play a game of bowling without helping me, "get caught up."
34. You want to provide your kids with lots of opportunities.
35. You love pictures.
36. You don't stink too bad, even when you sweat a lot.
37. You have great legs.
38. You love ME and that says a lot!!!!


Kendon said...

I love you! Your the Greatest!! I miss you and the kids.

Lauren said...

That was a fabulous post...I loved hearing all of it...#4 and #21 made me say, "Awwwwwwwww!" out loud.

Happy Birthday to Kendon!

Phillip and Kirsten said...

that was great! way to get such a keeper.

Rick and Annie said...

that is so cute!! I love #33. What great guy

andrea said...

our husbands have a lot in common. i love being called babe. and i love the non-stink thing.
we need to hang out sometime. aren't you up for a quick five hour drive?

Laurel said...

Great list. Glad you found a great man. From what I hear, they are a rare commodity. I'm totally hanging onto mine!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. It's been an interesting few weeks. Your kindness means a lot.

Eli & Angela said...

How sweet that Kendon made a comment, and even better that he was first. Great list!

Hazen5 said...

Kendon sounds like such a great guy! Let's double date soon- Idaho or California?

Jenibelle said...

Come to Cali for the wedding!! Then you can meet Rachel, Celia, Paige, Nancy etc....!!!! ROAD TRIP!!!

I need your address, we want to send you an invite! I am still trying to talk Byron into coming there in the next couple of weeks, but gas prices...

Harestads said...

Oh - this is cute. It's nice to hear about someone who loves their spouse rather than someone who is annoyed by their spouse!

Tristan said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! He sounds like such a stud! ;)

Grandma W. said...

What more can we ask for our kids and grandkids????!!!! Please keep telling each other how much you love one another and you won't have any problems as you go through life! You have an excellent example in your parents! After 60 years, Papa and I have probably become a bit laxadaisicle about telling each other, but we just know!! Aren't we all the lucky ones?
We love you! And, sorry we didn't get to see more of you while you were here! I thought you were going on Tuesday! We will see you when we get down that way!

Kim said...

kendon commented...richard will hear about that! :)

38...wewh kendon you're getting up there!

queenieweenie said...

What a sweet guy. You sure know how to pick 'em!