Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week in Review June 2nd - June 8th

Remember my last version of Week in Review. It was sweet and filled with CONTENTMENT.

Well, too bad so sad. NOT THIS WEEK!

Sorry if you came here looking for a little ray of sunshine.

This week I am feeling OVERWHELMED!

When Connor was still in his crib he went through this phase where he loved to have a big blanket draped over his entire crib. He thought it was like sleeping in a tent. Some nights as I would go to bed I would look at him in his "tent" and feel envious. To me it looked like a cave. A dark, yet safe, comfy cave.

This week, I would have liked to have crawled into that cave. A cave where all the craziness of the world couldn't reach me. A cave where I wasn't trying to run a household and manage a budget, and raise happy healthy kids. A cave where I could curl up with a good book and not feel bad that I wasn't reading my Love and Logic book instead because heaven only knows I need a little refresher course. A cave where gas isn't $4.02 a gallon and milk $3.50. A cave where Sirri isn't headed for kindergarten and I don't have to worry whether or not I have taught her enough to send her into this great big scary world. A cave where Connor will go to bed and stay. A cave where Meg isn't running a fever. A cave that has nicer weather so the kids and I can play outside. A cave where Kendon isn't gone all week. A cave where I live closer to my parents and sisters and Sirri doesn't say, "I miss Grandma Bigelow," every other day. A cave where the laundry doesn't pile up and the dishes don't have to be done. Or a cave where the house can be a mess and I could just let it go. A cave where Connor won't look me right in the eye and laugh when he has written on his brand new painted walls, or tore up his little sister's favorite book into shreds, or spent the majority of the week in time out. A cave where,I can say to Connor, "Oh, what a sad choice...." and he won't reply with "twinkle" in his eye, "it's not sad to me." A cave where these things are no big deal and I don't fret that I can't manage him at three and worry what life will be like when he is 13. A cave where I feel more confidence as a mother and less guilt. A cave with a little less pressure. A cave where I know I am not the only one.


And because I just can't handle all the gloom and doom (it's not very becoming of me! and just not how I roll.) this week did have some rays of sunshine and here they are......

Okay, so Meg being sick is NOT a ray of sunshine but having her lay on the couch and hold still for a minute was!

Connor painted his own toe nails. "But, Dad! They're a boy color!"

Sirri washing her feet in the sink.

Sirri's first T-Ball game.
She was so cute and does quite well for being such a teeny-bopper. She throws right handed, yet hits left. (Just like her grandma!!!) She pays attention to the ball quite well and is more aggressive than I thought she would be. I coach her team (with Jaci) and absolutely LOVE it! When I told my mom I was coaching she laughed and asked if I had checked out a book so I would know the rules. Real nice Mom! I think I can handle t-ball!!! It really has been a BLAST!

Kendon's archery shoot. "The Hog Shoot."

We spent the day with Kendon in the mountains at his shoot and had a fabulous time. The weather was a bit chilly but the kids had an absolute ball. It was one of those moments that at the end of the day, you sit back and say, "that's what I consider perfection!" (Except getting Connor to bed. Remember my cave? Yeah, it was one of THOSE moments. grrrrr.)


andrea said...

that's one hell of a cave, girlfriend.

and rest assured, you are not alone. last night, just for kicks, i googled "difficult child". there weren't nearly enough pictures of my kid on the results page, so i'm suing google.

andrea said...
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Bridget said...

Every mom needs a cave like that. Let me know where it is and I'll mapquest it and meet you there. Of course I'll walk since you know....gas prices...

Those T-ball pictures were so cute. Go Sirri!

Robin said...

you're an amazing mom. t-ball? wow.

i get to see you soon!

Ilene said...

I want one of those caves to come equipped with a well-stocked freezer full of ice cream.

I can't wait for that model.

Your little girl's pigtails are way too cute.

Stephanie said...

So, when you find that cave, I want to live with you there!!

Sorry your week was bad, but look on the brightside..You got some fabulous pictures! (love the one with Sirri in the sink, it made me laugh.)

Your doing a great job!

Tristan said...

I hope you have a better week! I totally understand! But yeah the pictures are awesome!

Dancin Queen said...

Even when you have the blues, you still manage to be funny. How is that? I need to know your secret.

Photos of the kids are adorable!

Hazen5 said...

Can I join you in your cave? This week has been too busy, I wish school was out today!

queenieweenie said...

when you find a good cave...let me know...i'll be glad to join you!

check out my blog and vote for my hubby!

Jenibelle said...

My cave needs lots of chocolate and Diet Pepsi and a good book and quiet. Not happening. are way too sweet and handsome of a boy to be acting even a little naughty!!

Hang in there Lisa Marie, hold tough and hold tight. You're the grownup here and you OWN stubborn. Keep telling yourself that. I have a sign that says "You can't outstubborn your Mother..." let this be your mantra!!

Hi cute little pigtailed, baseball playing Sirri!!

NT Weekes Family said...

Been There... done that... oh wait, still LiVing it! No Wonder "us" mother's have the Most Important Job in the World! -- Somebody has to do it... butt, i have to admit, it is the most rewarding! You got some great pictures & taking the time to coach Sirri's T-ball team, she'll remember that Forever!!! You're mom is so funny! (I don't even know if they have books on how to play/teach t-ball?)lol I LoVe your posts Lisa... You put things in "Reality"! I can't believe gas either, & milk along with everything else! CrAzY WoRlD we LiVe iN!

Lauren said...

Yes! I would like to request a booking in your cave :)

I love the pigtails! :)

I loved Bridget's comment. I will meet you in the cave on foot, also...maybe, I'll mix it up and roller skate ;)

Shally said...

My "cave" is blogland... I don't hear anything while I am here!

AND I can see that I am not alone in my crazy life.

Danielle said...


Oh my goodness, so I was up late (watching finding Nemo with my son because he is sick and won't sleet) and decided to google my old roomates from college! I can't believe that I actually found one of them. This is Danielle Yarmo, from the "little white shanty". I read some of your blog and saw the post of your and suzy's picture and it made me so sad that I was so horrible at keeping in touch with everyone. Anyway, I searched for your e-mail address on your blog to send you an e-mail, but now just wrote this too long comment, but please e-mail me. I would love to catch up!!


Eli & Angela said...

I didn't laugh at your post, but I was glad to read it. I'm glad even super mom feels like hiding sometimes. You're the best Lisa. Thanks for your example and for the laughs.

gab said...

Welcome back and hang in there!

Grandma W. said...

Wow! You did have a bad week, Honey! We are sorry! But, it will all come out in the wash! You will hardly remember those days - believe it or not!! That is the life of a MOM!!! I am sure this week is a much better one!
We love you!