Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mayonnaise...Mustard....I'm trying to:

I feel so behind in my blogging. I feel so behind in my life. Why is it that projects like swapping bedrooms seem to take over your whole life? After a week of living in chaos I finally feel like my life is slowly getting in control again. I hadn't had a spare minute to do anything but tread water until the last few days. And instead of blogging, I've been enjoying my OWN room! (What I mean by that is Kendon and my room!!!!!) I've been able to read at night in my room and I love it. One thing I don't like is the frame of my bed hanging out and eating my legs. Oh well. I have my own room!!!

So, I'm taking a break from secluding myself in MY ROOM and here is a quick re-cap of a few things that we have been up to. Then I can get to fun stuff like sharing the details of our room swap progress!

Week in Review #1: Content
Two weeks ago we had a great week. Everything we did made me so happy and left me feeling content. Content with my family, home, place we live, where we are at in our lives. Content. What a fabulous feeling.

The weather started out beautiful and we were able to plant our garden. I absolutely love it when we get the garden in. There is nothing like spending time with your family, digging in the dirt, basking in the sun, creating something that will bring much joy and yumminess! We have a huge garden that is so much work, but the bigger it is and the harder we work, the more fulfilling it seems. Every time I look at my garden and begin to see it sprout, I feel content.

The end of the week the weather turned crummy. It started to rain and practically didn't stop for the next week and a half. The first day that it clouded over and began to pour I happened to be at the dentist. As I lay there in the chair, thinking what a crummy start to a crummy rainy day I was having, I made a choice. I chose to make this rainy day one to remember. And you know what? That Thursday was one of the greatest I have had with my kids yet. We played games, made banana bread and soup, painted, watched movies, played more games. It was so much fun to just BE with my kids. I didn't want to be anywhere else that day. I was content.

Week(s) in Review #2: End of the Year Stuff (Mostly about Sirri Version)

Sirri is not even in kindergarten yet, my calendar for May was crammmed. Let the fun of school days begin huh?!?!?

First Sirri had her pre-school graduation. I can't believe that her pre-school days are over. Yikes! Sirri loved pre-school and especially Mrs. Tammie. She learned a lot this year and is ready freddy for kindergarten. The graduation was super cute and Sirri made us proud. Each student picked a nursery rhyme they had learned and presented it at the program. Sirri chose: Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in the tub, the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker. We practiced saying it "loud and proud" and she did great!

Next, Sirri had her gymnastics recital. She has really improved since last year and still loves it. As soon as Kendon gets a minute he'll help me post a video from the recital. Until then you can enjoy the video from last year. It is worth your time. CUTE CUTE CUTE! (Plus it was basically the very same thing this year. Different music and slightly better cartwheels!)

My mom and dad came for the weekend to be at Sirri's recital. They are amazing and the best. We always appreciate that they make an effort to support the kids in all their stuff. Mom and dad came in town late Friday night and the kids were so excited to wake up to find Gma and Gpa on the floor of their bedroom. They of course jumped right in their bed and snuggled and tickled and giggled. Before the recital we spent the afternoon having a picnic at the range. We spend so much time there that my dad wanted to see it himself. When my parents left on Sunday morning Sirri pouted on my bed for a good twenty minutes. She was so sad to let them go. And Connor kept asking Gpa, "why do you guys live so far?" We love you Grandma and Grandpa!!!


andrea said...

it's good you're enjoying them so much. get back to me mid-july and we'll see how things are going.

Bridget said...

Glad you're doing well. I am trying to really enjoy the days with my kids this summer and not get overwhelmed by them. Today was a good day. We had our "summer party" for my boys. They get to have friends come over for cupcakes, crafts and bubbles.

Harestads said...

Your kids are so cute. And it looks like they are as animated (in a good way) as you are!! Can you believe you will have a kindergartener? Oh, how time flies!! Can't wait to see your new bedroom. I love a project.

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

I wish I had a BIG garden area like yours.... I always enjoy going & picking your own fruit/veggies just outside! Graduations are Fun... & the month of May is always Full of them! Kindergarten here comes Sirri!

Kim said...

I was just going to post a comment on an old post scolding you for not updating sooner...but tada--you had! I know I talk to you and know what's going on, but I love pictures of your kiddos as much as you love them of mine and I missed seeing them!!!!!!!

Hug them all for me---tight and tell them Sarah Jane loves them!

Hazen5 said...

Busy, busy, busy! I forgive you for not blogging because you did get so much done! Love the bedding you picked out.

Lauren said...

I need to be more content. Thank you so much for your example. I want to enjoy my kids more :)

I loved the gymnastics video! She looks so cute and tiny and those little pig tails in her hair are to die for!

Lauren said...

Oh, and sorry about your eaten up legs! ouuuuch!

I laughed at your cute title, too ;)

Tristan said...

Glad to see you back blogging!

Pam said...

What a wonderful two days we had!!! It's sad that "you" live so far away Connor! Grandma misses you all so much. Thanks for sharing the range with us. It's fun to see where you like to go! Keep me posted on how your veggies grow! Love, Grandma
Keep us the harmonica playing Meg . . . I love it!

Laurie said...

What a great way to recap. I can completely relate to life getting in the way. ;) Your kiddos are seriously so adorable.

Grandma W. said...

Well, there you go - wearing your Grandma out again!! My goodness, how do you get so much done??!! I know you love the garden as I used to when we had one. Now, it is easier to go to "Reggies Veggies"!
I can't imagine Sirri going to kindergarten as little as she is!!
But, there certainly isn't anything wrong with her brain!!! She will keep up with the best of them!!! I am so sad because we will be gone when you come to Boise. If we don't see you before, we will stop on our way back from Montana in August!
We love all of you!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe Sirri is going to start kindergarten, she looks like my Jaidyn's age..she is SOOO cute.

I always love seeing pictures of your mom and dad..so fun they could go and visit. I love that picture of the kids in bed with them. Grandkids are going to be sooo much fun!!