Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting to Know You.

Here are a few things you may not have known about Kendon, but his kids DO!

How old is daddy?
Sirri: "15."
Connor: "61."

Daddy's favorite food?
S: "Watermelon"
C: "Roast Beast. daddy loves to eat the meat."

Daddy's favorite color:
S: "Black."
C: "Blue. No, red. Hot red!"

Daddy's favorite thing to do?
S: "Bowling."
C: "Ride his lawn mower."

What does daddy do best?
S: "Fix computers."
C: "Mow our lawned."

What does daddy cook the best?
S: "French toast."
C: "French toast."

What does daddy think is fun?
S: "Cutting trees with Sharman."
C: "Shoot his bow."

What do you love best about daddy?
S: "Cause he likes me."
C: "Riding a lawn mower. He should come to grandma's house and mow her lawned."

What does daddy do that is funny:
S: "I don't know.'
C: "Fall off his lawn mower. Um, making me laugh, when he shoots at the target and his arrow breaks off."

What do you love to do with daddy?
S: "Go to the dump with him."
C: "Ride his lawn mower. No, to help him to work with his tools."

Is daddy handsome?
S: *big head shake, yes.
C: 'No, I think he's a girl. No, I think he's cute!"

If you could go on a date with daddy, where would you go?
S: "To ice cream and to go bowling."
C: "To ice cream cone. No, I want to get pizza."

Why do you love daddy?
S: "He takes me different places."
C: "He gives me kisses."

I'm glad my daddy is....
S: "happy."
C: "a giant! I'm glad he's a daddy."

I love it when my daddy...
S: "tucks me in at night."
C: "helps me pick up my room."

My daddy loves me because...
S: "he kisses me at night.'
C: "cause loves, just loves me!"

My daddy is...
S: "the best daddy"
C: "the best daddy in the whole wide world."


Annemarie said...

That really is so sweet. I have got to do this with my little ones! He likes to mow the lawn, huh? Does he hire out???

Stephanie said...

This is adorable!! I will have to do this with my kids before Dustin gets cute

Dancin Queen said...

Oh, darling post! I bet someday you'll be so glad to have those cute things documented.

Eli & Angela said...

Seriously, where do you come up with these things? What a fun wifey and mommy you are. You should write a book. Eli has to work in Vernal next week, so I won't be at the reunion, but I hope you all have a good time. Happy birthday Kendon. BTW, you wouldn't happen to be owning up on the steak dinner that you owe all of us, at the reunion would you? =)

Bridget said...

That is really cute. He must make some GOOD french toast. Invite me next time, K?

Shally said...

I keep meaning to do this for Zach for his Father's day post (I'm a little late!)

That was SO cute!

Lauren said...

That was so, so , darling!!!

The lawn mower seems to be a big theme in Daddy's life!

I loved this post...I want to copy this idea sometime ☺