Saturday, March 26, 2011


Here is another post that was in the deep dark depths of my draft folder. This one is 2 1/2 years old and warms and breaks my heart all at once. I forgot all about singing this song to Meg. I wonder when I quit. I can remember though, just how much she loved it. I might have to try singing it tonight and see if she remembers.

Was she the cutest baby or what?

We LOVE the musical Annie at our house. Lately I've taken to singing M-E-G, instead of N-Y-C. Meggers loves it when I sing her, HER song!

Here's a little reminder of the tune, just in case. Plus, you can never get enough of Annie!

And here's my version.

What is it about you?
Your small.
Your cute.
Your tough.

I went years without you,
Now I can't get enough.
Enough of kisses all over my face
with lots of squishes too.
Enough of boogers all over your face,
Oh Meggers you know you're


Too busy
Too stubborn
Too fast
Too cute
Too fun
I'm sold
On M-E-G


The loving at sundown
The hugs
That reach
my heart

That other house may have kids that are great
And a dog or cat or two
But, No other kid in
The whole forty eight
Can half compare
To you

Oh M-E-G

You make 'em all love ya

You're sweet
You're fun
You're still
The one

Amen For M-E-G


cindy. said...

she really was the cutest baby! she is STILL so cute. can't wait to see you guys this week!

love that song, lis. so sweet. you are such a good momma.

Jessica said...

You don't ever think you'll forget that stuff! That's the blessing of blogging.

I sing Faith a song called "I love your guts and I cannot lie" to the tune of that lovely and oh-so-appropriate tune from 1992.

Grandma W. said...

Yes, Honey, we all kind of forget the little things we did for our sweet little ones, but I don't think they do! Meg is such a lttle sweetie - and , don't forget she is your baby too! That do make a difference! And, you are such a good Mama too!!
We love you! And, anxious to see all of you! Still can't believe it has been "TEN" years!!

Lauren in GA said...

I LOVE it! I LOVE how you sang that to her. You are very creative.

She really was and is darling.

My heart is breaking a little bit because Little John is so big. I am grateful...but I still wince, ya know?

Lauren said...

I love that cute little meg!

debt hope said...

Hey! Your back blogging!!! Yippee! It's been fun to read through and catch up. Maybe you'll inspire me to get back at it. xoxo

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

Oh my gosh tell her she looks just like Hadley in that top picture. So sweet!!!