Sunday, March 20, 2011

So Proud...

that Meg knew, "this is inappropriate," when playing a phone app game in which Santa "moons" you with his boxer shorts that say, "Merry Christmas!"

to be Kendon's Wrestling Wife. He is so supportive of Connor, win or lose, and gives just the right amount of encouragement without making Connor feel pressured.

that Connor knows our bodies are special and told his friend he shouldn't write on his hands, "cause our bodies are temples, don't ya know?"

of Sirri for working SO hard on her spelling words. Spelling does not come naturally to her but when she practices diligently all week it pays off!


Grandma W. said...

You should be so very proud of every one of your little chickadees! I am so glad you are teaching them the rights and wrongs! That is so important as they grow older! That takes "good
parents"!! WE are proud of you too!
WE love you!!

Lauren in GA said...

Aww. Those are all such wonderful things. You are a great mom, Lisa-Marie.

Kim said...

WAY TO GO JENSENS!! I love you and miss you all.

cindy. said...

you are such a good momma and are obviously teaching your kids well. i told trav what connor said about his friend writing on his hand. trav wouldn't want to be rebuked by his 6 year old nephew ;)