Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chosen Family

Last Fall, Kendon and I attended Connor's Thanksgiving feast at his school. There was one little girl from his class who's dad couldn't make it and her mom had passed away in a car accident earlier in the year. She was SO sad that no one was there to have the feast with her. Kendon and my hearts were broken and we included her in our little family feast. She still sobbed for her dad the whole way through the lunch because we were practically strangers to her. I only know her through helping in the classroom a few times a month. I remember being so distraught that there was no one there who knew her well enough to console her. As I looked around the cafeteria that day, I saw so many familiar faces. People that I know well. People that my kids know well. People that would have taken my child under their wing if necessary and would have been able to make it alright. People that are friends, but that we consider family.

Today, I was visiting teaching while Meg and Connor were at school. Somehow, two hours had passed. It was 11:20, and I was supposed to have picked Meg (and friends) up at preschool at 11:00 and Connor (and friends) up at kindergarten at 11:10. As soon as I realized what time it was I ran out to my car and started zooming down the street. I called Loretta (one of the preschool kid's mamas) to ask if she happened to have gotten the preschool kids. She hadn't, Ms. Tammie was keeping them, but she DID have the kindergartners. While I was busy chatting away, oblivious to the time, these two good friends took care of my "stuff." (Namely, mine and others' children!) Even though the minute I realized what time it was, my adrenaline began racing-mostly because I really dislike being undependable-but I didn't worry about the kids for one minute. I KNEW that they would be taken care of. I knew that someone would figure out I was MIA for some reason and take care of them. And they did.

What a blessing to live in a community and have such amazing friends that watch over me and my little family. I've been struggling with living "far" from my family lately and I'm thankful for a loving Father in Heaven that knew I needed a reminder that I have friends that ARE family.

I thought of making a list of all those who are my "chosen family," but the list would be long (and that seems a bit like junior high!) but those of you who are on "the list," know it. Thank you for being you and taking care of us.

I love you all.


Lauren in GA said...

There have been times that friends have come to the rescue for me, too. It makes me so grateful.

So sad that that little girl lost her mother.

cindy. said...

WE MISS YOU TOO! can't wait to see you this week! so, so excited!

i'm so glad you have so many wonderful people there. sometimes i really miss rexburg :(

Grandma W. said...

Yes, Honey, having lived in a small town when our kids were young, I know exactly how you feel!
There is nothing like the comfort you get knowing "someone" of your extended family will watch out for your most loved ones!!! You are so fortunate - though we do miss seeing you often, we know how well off you are!!
We love you!

Rochelleht said...

That's so great. I love that too. Thank heavens for the gospel and wards. I feel that so strongly. Wards are family. I love it.

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

You are on my list, and so many others. Love you too! We are lucky to live here, I agree.