Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is a picture that has patiently been waiting in my drafts folder for three years. Oh man, how things can change in that amount of time. It's funny the things you forget about raising toddlers. The things you think you'll never miss, but looking back, you kinda do.


Lauren in GA said...

That really is a cute picture. I know what you the time...not so cute...but so fun to look back on.

Maybe they do that because the first bite really does taste the best?

cindy. said...

ha ha ha! i remember when your kiddos did this!

when did they get so big??????

Grandma W. said...

At the time, you think they will never quit doing those kinds of things, but then, all at once you notice they are not and you wonder just what is happening! They are growing up and putting all the things you taught them to practice!
And, you thought they weren't paying any attention to you!!
Love You!