Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top five reasons I should cut my hair.

5. I find my hair in the sink after I dry it, now. ICK.

4. I can't dry and style it in under three minutes. What a waste of my time.

3. My claustHAIRphobia is back. When my hair gets in my face it makes me all anxious and nervous like.

2. I have no patience. I don't like to wait. And growing your hair out, entails LOTS of waiting.

1. It looks like this by the end of every day. Not the cutest look.

Top five reasons I should continue growing my hair out.

5. My hair "flapped" while I was running the other day. I couldn't believe it. It's been years since my hair has been long enough to move on its own.

4. My kids like to play with my new "long" hair. Ah. Heaven.

3. I have a great hairstylist who I officially dubbed my "hair mentor" and she has been doing a great job making the many months of awkward stages a lot less awkward.

2. Uh?

1. Uh?

Hmmmm. I seem to only be able to come up with 3 reasons.

Wish me luck.


Rochelleht said...

Reason # 2: You have red hair. It should be long.

But maybe I'm just biased here...

Phillip and Kirsten said...

Inspired by you and Robin, I finally got up the guts to go ultra-short. And then, while trying on clothes at Motherhood Maternity with that lame-o pillow thing strapped to my belly to get a feel for the fit, I decided I'd be a cuter pregnant lady with longer hair. And now, I can't decide. If I go super short, will I ever go back? Can I handle the ugly in between stage if I try to grow it out again? Do I owe it to my hair to be long because it works well long (but it works well short, too)? Will I be willing to spend money on myself to keep the cut looking good?
But I'm with you: if it takes longer than 3 min. to do my hair, long or short, I probably won't do it.
Not that this will help, but you look great either way. Good luck!

cindy bigelow said...

i think your hair is looking adorable! definitely don't do anything until you come home so i can see it for reals and help you make a decision :) you've been wanting to grow it out for year, lis...

diane said...

You and your hair are darling.

I have a bobby pin in my hair right now. I need to either grow out my bangs to tuck behind my ear or cut them short again. Such a conundrum... I think I'll cut them. Maybe not.

the wrath of khandrea said...

recently, while viewing a moving picture of you, i noticed how adorably long your hair looked. i think reason number four should be "increases my sex appeal."

can i say that on your blog? you never know these days who's censoring what.

robin said...

cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it

but this is coming from me . . . so, you know . . .

Lauren in GA said...

I agree with Andrea...I thought that your hair looked cute when I saw it.

I think the bobby pins are cute.

But, I understand the claustHAIRphobia...even though mine is long I pull it back off of my face a lot. It is hard for me to wear down sometimes.

What does Kendon think?

Ilene said...

I was growing my hair out and it was frustrating me to no end. My husband told me he likes it short so it is back to being short. However, my "short" is probably super long to you.

Good luck!

cath said...

i agree - sexiness is good reason for long hair. unless your hubby is like my friend's - he prefers her hair short. i can't stand hair in my face - long, short, or whatever, it is pulled back.

give yourself a date deadline ... grow it until july 4th, or thanksgiving, or, or, or ... and then you don't have to keep making the decision!

Grandma W. said...

I am inclined to agree with Robin!
But, you know I have always liked the pixie look on you!! Let's face it - I am just not "hip" on some of these new hairdo's! Guess I am too darned old! I have really liked both your's and Penny's hair styles!!
But, we love you no matter what hair style you have!!!

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

Just give it till, say, the end of summer. Please?? The bobby pins totally work, you're crazy!