Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week in Review

Crazy "Every Other Day" Sickness Edition

Monday: Clean house. Just like every Monday.

Tuesday: Sirri and Meg begin acting sick. Take them to the doctor. Pneumonia for Meg. Just "the crud" for Sirri.

Wednesday: Sirri and Meg are just sick enough to be ornery, not cuddly sweet. Mommy is ornery too. Kendon coming down with the crud. Connor feels great and his energy level is infuriating.

Thursday: Sirri comes home from school feeling crummier than yesterday. I knew I shouldn't have let her go. Back to the doctor to make sure she is well enough to have some dental procedures done on Monday. She passes. You'd never know Meg had pneumonia. She feels great. Connor still bouncing off the walls. Poor kid needs out of the house. Kendon is miserable but his partner is in Mexico, so hi-ho hi-ho it's off to work he goes.

Friday: Sirri is fine and Meg is super sick. What? Is this the every other day, come and go as it pleases sickness? Kendon still sick sick sick and at work work work. Connor? You guessed out. Strong as a horse. Me too. Thank heavens for the Mommy gene that repels sickness.

Saturday: FINALLY! Everyone is feeling better. Good thing. Sirri has a birthday party she's been looking forward to all week.

Saturday at eleven: Sirri is acting strange. She swears that she is just tired and is "GOING TO THAT PARTY!"

Saturday at noon: I pat Sirri's back. She shoves my hand away. "Mom, I'm JUST tired. I'm going to the party."

Saturday at 12:30: "Mom, I think I better just stay home." And on the couch is where her fevered little body remained for the rest of the day.

Sunday: Sirri was a bit fevered this morning but is feeling better this afternoon. Do I dare believe it? Well, if the pattern of the week holds, it's Meg's turn anyway. Good grief.

Oh, and it is blizzarding out. Thanks alot Andrea.

I have lots of pictures of a counter FULL of medicine, sick kids passed out all over my house and even the blizzard, but I don't really feel like posting them. You all have great imaginations, I'll let you use them!

Here's to a better tomorrow! (Hmmmmm. Didn't I already say that once this week?)


the wrath of khandrea said...

oh honey. i told you. if i could get rid of it, i would do so at any cost.
happy blizzarding.

Pam said...

I'm so sorry my little girls are sick. And Sirri missed a birthday party?? Grandma kind of relapsed yesterday and today as well! Dang stuff. . . it better go find a hole and bury itself!!

diane said...

Maybe they have spring fever.

Lauren in GA said...

Whoa, what a week! I laughed at your saying that Connor's energy level was infuriating...I so know what you mean...I will have kids that feel lousy and one that is bored becasue nobody will do anything with him.

cath said...

1. since you won't let us post it on the venting post, yes, i am going to say we all have days like your family sick day. of course, i expected more of you and can't believe your perfection as a mother slipped for even a minute let alone a few hours! SHOCKING! of course, the cocomotion extravaganza more than makes up for it!

2. you have deep empathy on the sick front - we here in snow/melt/snow/melt edmonton all have the crud. gah!

3. i am so building a water rocket someday!! awesome!

and finally ... i love your way with words - you rock!

Grandma W. said...

Wow! What a busy week you had!!!
It makes me tired just reading all about it!!