Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Connor!

Connor at six...
  • ready for kindergarten
  • very observant
  • writes his first and last name
  • loves to tease his sisters
  • knows which sister "buttons" to push
  • thrives on attention (will take positive or negative)
  • so so handsome
  • has total beach boy, surfer dude, blonde streaked hair
  • loves to learn how things work
  • enjoys soccer
  • hard headed
  • has an incredible memory
  • skinny

Kendon made each of the boys these BLAST OFF ROCKETS. They were a huge hit. Thanks hon.


Lauren in GA said...

Those rockets are awesome!

Happy Birthday, Connor!! He is so handsome. I totally agree. What a fun party. The cake looks great, too.

Grandma W. said...

Looks like you had a "BLAST" at your Party, Connor!! What a lucky guy to have a Dad that made all of you your own rocket and a Mom that makes such wonderful cakes!! You kids are so lucky!! It is like you have your own private park right there at home!!! Super!!
We love you!