Saturday, August 28, 2010

my wishy washy, achey breaky heart.

Two weeks ago:

"Seriously, school could not start soon enough."

"Is it the 25th YET?"

"If I hear anyone (Connor) torturing his siblings one more time..."

First Day of School:

"Maybe I don't want him going to school."

"Do I really have to put him on the bus all by himself?"

"He grew up way too fast."

Second Day of School:

"Is it really almost 11:00 already? Kindergarten is too short. I could use a few more hours."

Man, oh, man. Do I ever have a wishy washy mama heart. One minute I can not wait to send the kiddos out the door and the next, I'm worrying about their day at school and wishing they were home snuggling on my lap. Sending Connor to school this year was so conflicting for me. He is SO ready to go and he could sure use a break from his siblings (and his mom. and vice versa.) But, with each child that goes to school, it just means that my season as a stay at home mom, whose job is to raise babies and play all day is coming to an end. Though, sometimes it's easier to do my job when I get a little break from the dears. See, my heart just can't make up it's mind. Am I crying as I watch the bus drive down the road because I'm sad or are they tears of joy that I have a little freedom? Maybe both. Who knows.

I do know this. He is one handsome kiddo.



boo. hurray! boo. hurray!
good grief.

Though...I do like hanging out with just this girl for a few hours every day.


Lauren in GA said...

You described it perfectly. I feel the same way...I miss them/am relieved to have some time to clean up the chaos/want them home/want more time to accomplish things, too.

He. is. so. handsome.

Love the picture of sweet little Meg in her jammies.

cindy. said...

he really IS the most handsome little man i've ever seen. love that boy.

Linsey said...

Kindergarten ends at 11:00? What's up with DC? We have school until 4pm!! Your pictures are beautiful, by the way.

*~McGarys~* said...

The red was so when i sanded it down you could see both white and red.

Rochelleht said...

I SOOOO know how this feels. I really miss my kiddos when they are at school, but I love having time to myself. I love being able to go to the temple every week. The one fun thing about school aged kids is going up to the school lots to help and eat lunch with them.

Laurel said...

Oh man, do I get this! That is exactly how I felt when Griffin went off to kindergarten. Exactly the same way. It's the push and pull of mommyhood. You raise them to grow up, but you don't really want them to grow up, but you do--Oh! It is so confusing!


D-dawg said...

I'm the SAME! But as time goes on I am more ok with them going every day. It is just an adjustment. Pretty pictures. I can never get over where you live out there. It always looks so peaceful.

Aunt Penny said...

It's just a new chapter n your life. It's a funny thing, though, I always enjoyed each new chaptr as much as the previous one. Connor looks like such a big boy!

Grandma W. said...

Oh, Honey! Your life is so very normal!! We all go through it! Me, your Grandma, your Mom, your
Aunt Penny! We are all the same
and we all end up with the same feelings! Aren't we so glad??!!
We love all of you so much!! Life is beautiful!!