Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Sirri!

Sirri at seven...
  • learned to ride her bike and loves it
  • is a total fish (hence the pool for her birthday!)
  • wants to do her own hair
  • spunky
  • growing up
  • into friends and getting phone numbers
  • loves to sing, dance, and perform
  • helpful
  • dramatic/emotional
  • growing "tall"
  • cute cute cute
  • a pleaser
  • sensitive
tie dyed cake-inside and out


Idaho Beagleys said...

Dang, woman, you have the BEST birthday ideas.....Looks like they ALL had a blast & lots of fun! And for the record on other posts...I'm glad you live in your little ole house in this little neck of the woods. My life would not be near as happy.

Lauren in GA said...

Happy Birthday, Sirri!!

You have great handwriting, Lisa-Maire.

You throw fantastic parties. I love it!

Lauren in GA said...

Uh, I meant, Lisa-Marie. I got overly excited when I was typing, I guess.

Grandma W. said...

Looks like you had an awesome birthday, Sirri!!! Beautiful cake and very colorful T-shirts! You really are growing too! And, that is super! It will be fun to see all of you next week!!!
You are so lucky to have a Mom and Dad like you have!!! What a neat swimming pool! You kids will really have fun with that!!!
We love you!

jaci said...

brooke loved the favorite part: she told me that i should never tie dye in the house because it gets on the ceiling :) so glad brooke has such a fun friend!