Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

Congratulations on 33 years Mom and Dad! I am so proud of the marriage that the two of you have. I feel blessed and thankful for your marriage. You have been incredible examples to us girls of what a partnership truly is. With the example of your marriage I feel like I can be more successful in my own. Marriage doesn't come with a handbook (just like raising kids) so it sure is nice to have a great example to watch and learn from. Some of the things I have learned from you are:

1. You have always enjoyed being in each other's company. You have always done things together and with your children as well. Being together as a family was a priority.
2. You don't always have to agree on everything. It is okay to have our own opinions. It's alright to agree to disagree.
3. Calling names or being degrading is not acceptable. I have never heard either of you ever call the other a name or put one another down.
4. Finances is a team responsibility. I can't ever recall one of you being solely responsible for the finances. I can see you sitting together at the kitchen table at tax time working on the taxes and a yearly budget together.
5. Being affectionate in front of your children is important. You guys were always dancing to Unchained Melody in the kitchen, kissing in the kitchen, Dad slapping Mom's bum in the kitchen. What was it with the kitchen?!?!? It used to gross me out as a little girl, but now I am so thankful that I always knew you loved each other.
6. Sharing household duties. Dad never hesitated to do dishes, make dinner, do laundry, etc. and mom was willing to take out the garbage, work in the yard, etc. There never was a feeling of his jobs, her jobs. You worked as a team.
7. You support each others hobbies. Dad was always happy for mom to go to her tole painting classes, or in her endeavor to learn to quilt. Mom will always let dad take the scenic route for a photo op. or drive downtown to see the new scaffolding that he designed.
8. You are happy for each other when the other succeeds or has something exciting happen. It has been such a joy watching you build your new house. This is something that Mom has wanted for a long time. Just knowing that Mom is so thrilled and elated over the house makes Dad so happy. I think that it so sweet.
9. Love is a verb. You both do little things for each other all the time. Random acts of kindness are an everyday occurrence at your house.

These are just a few of the things that you have taught me about marriage. (Maybe you guys should write the manual!)I could keep going on but the kiddos are going to be up and I still have laundry to fold, so we can go outside and play when they do wake. It is another beautiful day! I just want to thank you for your incredible example! I love you both so much. I hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy each other!!!



P.S. I feel like I should congratulate Papa and Grandma Weldon and Grandpa and Grandma Bigelow as well. For it is because of their great marriages that I believe Mom and Dad have a great marriage. What a neat Legacy! I love you guys!!!!

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Dawn Stewart said...

Aahh. I love your parents! I have so many memories of you and your family. My mom said she ran into you at the mall or somewhere recently. I like your blog. Your kids are cuties!