Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Last Few Days in Pictures

We have had a fun few days. (Though it is summer time around here and that is basically all we do...have FUN!) Here is a little recap in pictures. (and a few words cause I can't help but say how cute I think my kiddos are!)
Family Home Evening at the range. Having a picnic and roasting marshmallows. Can you say, "STICKY!"

Garden Time. We planted some of the seeds for our garden. I was all ready to make it a fun project that the kids could help with me. I was even prepared to be extra patient as I knew they would want to eat the seeds, dump the dirt, water all by themselves etc. etc. Well, they weren't even interested. All they wanted to do was play with the pitcher I had water in. Okay. Suit yourselves!

Look at that girl go! She eats corn on the cob so well. She hardly misses a bite! She has loved the stuff since she was itty bitty.
Corn on the Cob. Or as I would call it...heaven! Connor, on the other hand is not too interested. He really wasn't eating his, just posing for the picture. Mister GQ!

Connor chasing the ducks who weren't too hungry today! He was bound and determined that they would eat our bread.

Sisters Sisters!!!
Notice Sirri is in her swimmer suit. She had an accident at the club. Thank goodness Jaci had this suit that she found for Sirri while shopping yesterday. Sirri never has accidents so I was unprepared. So, here is the question? Does it make me a bad or good mom that I didn't care if she wore her suit to the park? I did lube her up with sunscreen! I guess I should listen to my husband who just the other day told me that I should have extra clothes for all the kiddos in the car for just in case. Hon, I guess you could say, "I told you so!"

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