Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I hope....

I hope that my Sirri and Connor will always be as close as their pant size! When you have two pre-schoolers that are less than a year apart you are presented with your own batch of challenges and joys. One of the challenges is that they always have someone to fight with. On the flip side...one of the joys is that they will always have a friend. I truly hope that they can remain good buddies as they grow up. It seems to me like it is so hard to be a kid these days. There are so many scary challenges and trials. It sure would be great if Sirri and Connor could always boost each other up, and help one another through life's tricky times. I hope that as their Mom I can foster that friendship in them. I hope that I can encourage them to encourage each other. I hope that they will look back on their growing up years and have lots of great memories together and consider themselves to be dear friends.

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Anonymous said...

We feel we are the ones who are blessed, Lisa Marie! Thank you for the kind words! We love your hair short! We love your blog as it keeps us up on your little family! Thank you for being the good parents you and Kendon are! We can hardly wait now until Kim &
Katie have thier little ones too!
Love You!
Pappa & Grandma