Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Love the Country Life PART TWO!

Look at that! Two cattle drives in one week! Isn't that fun?

Here is another reason why I love living in the country. Friday night we went back up to the range to have a picnic with two other families. (3rd time this week...You would know where to find us if you needed to!) Anyway, when we got there nine deer were hanging out right there where we picnic. They obviously don't know that a range is where people practice shooting their bows! Hee hee! They must feel right at home with all of the animal targets! We spooked them and they took off running and I was able to get this pic before they got too far! Aren't they beautiful!

I think I figured out what the saying, "bloom where you are planted" means. I was talking to my sister Kim on Saturday night. She lives in L.A. She was telling me what she and her hubby had been up to. That morning they had rode their bikes to breakfast and a Farmers Market. She then told me that when she gets to do things like that, it makes her so happy to live where she does. (She is starting to feel ready to be closer to "home." ) I just thought how interesting that we had each had such different experiences but were so happy with where we were at at the moment. That is what it is all about. Be happy in the moment, make the most out of all the moments you get, CREATE moments, and cherish them all. Bloom where you are planted!


Pam said...

Oh yes!! Grandma loves all those little faces!!! Can't wait for Mother's Day weekend!!!! There were lots of kids in the pool this weekend so hopefully it will be warm enough when you are here to go swimming.

I can't wait! love you all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I finally learned, no maybe accepted, to bloom where I was planted, after we lived in Marsing for about a year and started having our children! That is definitely what makes your world go around! After that, I could have moved anyplace with Papa and our four kids and been happy! Just like you, Kim and Katie will always be! Of course, it would be wonderful to have everyone in the same spot, but it just doesn't seem to happen that way very often any more. We are glad you are so happy!!
We love you!
Papa and Grandma