Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Honesty is the Best Policy...Even at Three

Holy Cow! Two posts in one day. Sheesh! I had this one almost all typed up and ready to go before we went to the range and I just couldn't help but post those cute pics of the kids...so today is your lucky day! Plus this story of Sirri is one that I just have to have on record. I may have to use it against her someday when she has kids!

Last night we had Family Night. We do this every Monday and it is something that the kids really look forward to. Some weeks it is easy to decide what we are going to learn about, and other weeks I can't decide until minutes before. Well, last night was an evening all about honesty that has been in the making since Easter. Why you ask? Because that is when Sirri told her FIRST real lie. YIKES! At three. I know.

It all started Easter morning. Kendon and I tried to limit the amount of treats the kiddos ate in the morning since we have church at 9:00. We didn't want to send them to nursery and primary all hopped up on sugar for their poor, sweet teachers to deal with. So, we put one little bag of skittles in their Easter baskets and one jelly bean in each egg that we hid. It is so great to have little ones cause they didn't know they were getting ripped off by the Easter Bunny!!!! Anyway, they got to eat all the jelly beans and we asked them to save the skittles for later. When we got home from church the Easter Bunny had struck AGAIN and left another egg hunt in our yard (thx Jaci). The kids then decided to have one of those treats instead of their skittles. After lunch and asking again for their skittles (to no avail) it was nap time. Sirri came up to me and said, "I'll go to bed by myself mom. You don't need to rock me." She does this every once in a while, so I told her good night. Then I looked down at her and notice that she had her sweatshirt folded up in half over her stomach and obviously had something hiding in there......YEP you guessed it, her skittles! I was baffled. I didn't know if I should be mad or proud because she was so smart to think of that all on her own! Little stinker!

We have had a few little fibs since that incident as well, including saying that she has to go potty just to get out of sacrament meeting and telling me that she didn't have to sit in time out at gymnastics, she was just telling Jaci "hi." (Jaci took her to gymnastics that day and informed me of the time out situation, but Sirri told me "HER" version of story later when I was talking to her about it.)

Good grief! I hope the Family night lesson will help. At least now I know that she knows or is beginning to understand what it means when something is true and not true so we can discuss it when we have "issues!" Why doesn't this parenting thing come with a handbook!?!?!? But, if anyone has a similar problem with their toddlers or elementary age kiddos I have the FHE lesson all about Honesty saved on my computer if anyone wants a copy.

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