Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend. The sun was shining everyday. We just love that! Saturday morning we spent in Idaho Falls at Home Depot and Walmart. Kendon bought some grass seed to plant over by my garden plot so the kiddos will have a place to play while I work in the garden. I'm really excited about that. We already have a great big lawn that Kendon mows each week and this new area has two little hills on it (not fun to mow) so I told Kendon that if he will plant the grass there, I would mow it and I hate to mow the lawn. That tells you how much I really wanted grass there. I think it will add beauty to my garden spot as well. I know that sounds silly but one thing I love about having a garden is that I think it is beautiful. That is why I weed... weeds just junk a garden up!! ( I do have a sister in law who loves to mow lawns crazy girl! Maybe she would want to mow the hills!!! Hi Stacey!!!)

I also bought some flowers that I planted in our "rock garden." I'm really excited for them to take off and bloom. We didn't get to have a flower garden last year, due to installing a new septic system (the joys of an OLD home!) and we had to dig right through my flower bed. That is why we had a rock garden that the kids and I created. It was fun and we'll continue to add to it this summer as well, but I am so thrilled for the flowers! I just love this time of year.

Sweet Baby Meg. Finally starting to feel better after a triple threat weekend. #1 Immunizations on Thursday. #2 Another tooth trying to come in. #3 An Ear infection. POOR BABY!!
Having her so sick has caused me to realize how thankful I am for my healthy children. I can't imagine what my heart would feel like if I had a child with a serious illness. We are so blessed!

Connor Saturday afternoon after picnicing in the park, helping Mommy plant flowers, eating two, maybe three? popsicles, playing in the sandbox and dirt, and needing a bath in a major way! The face only a mother could love. (Well, maybe a grandma and grandpa and aunties too!)

Sirri playing at the archery range. She is such a great sport whenever we go there. She still hasn't been interested in shooting. She creates her own fun! What a super kiddo!

The flowers I planted in the "rock garden." We have lots more painted rocks on the other side too. We had such a blast creating those last year.

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Pappa & Grandma Weldon said...

Hi Kids!
My gosh, what can we say??!! WE love this blog! It keeps us up on how fast the little ones are growing! Way too fast!! Grandma even sheds a few tears while looking at the pictures and reading what you have to say. You are awesome parents!! We love you!!
Pappa and Grandma