Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blast from the Past!

It always amazes me the things that can create such fond memories. Sights, songs, smells, sounds. Tonight for me it was taste. We had a great day. Church, naps, all the usual. Then, this afternoon we took the kiddos out to the archery range to shoot Connor's bow. (He and Kendon also went yesterday. I am telling you, the kid is hooked!) We didn't get to stay very long because we got rained out. So, we came home, got all cozy in jammers and turned on a cartoon movie for the kiddos. (I'm hoping that some day my kids will appreciate the joy that can come from a rainy day.) Anyway, for dinner I decided to make cinnamon toast and peaches. I know that doesn't sound like much of a dinner but it sounded perfect to me. You see, when I was growing up, that was always the meal we had when we got home from water skiing, a day of playing or on rainy let's just watch a movie kind of night. SO, it was more than a meal for me, it was a memory. Sound silly? Well, I was just talking to Kim on the phone and just yesterday she was telling her husband about the exact same meal and with the same amount of nostalgia as I was. I have to say, that I think my parents must have done a darn good job raising us kids if cinnamon toast and peaches can cause us to have such great memories and to cause a yearning for "home!" So, thanks mom and dad! You did a good job!

By the way Mom, I just talked to Kendon and I think we will plan on coming home on the 12th. So, cinnamon toast and peaches sound good in a couple of weeks?!?!?

Love you all!

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Sherelle said...

Hello! I am so glad you sent me a link to your blog! I come from a family of archers, so I can remember a few trips to the shooting range! My dad only had girls, but we all participated in archery! And funny, my mom also used to make us cinnamon toast! Again, so glad to find your blog...i'll be back!