Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Love the Country Life

Today we were all outside enjoying the beautiful weather and THIS is what came trotting down the road (do cows trot?!?!) They were right in front of our house. The kids sure enjoyed it. I love this time of year because this is a frequent sight around here. When I was teaching school I was even late one day because I was stuck in a cattle drive. How many people can say that? I LOVE it!

Tonight we took a picnic dinner out to the archery range. The kids had a great time hiking all around enjoying the sun shine and finding all kinds of super treasures in the great outdoors! It is so cool that we can be out to the range in 15 minutes. I think it is even "cooler" that we have a daddy that likes to have his family tag along with him!
Even Baby Meg enjoyed herself as she was packed all around by her Daddy.

Nice Shot Connor.

Look Mommy, a caterpillar!

Sweet sweet Sirri. She has such a good time hiking around with us. She is such a great cheerleader to Connor. She cheers him on when he shoots his bow and congratulates him when he has a good shot. She has surprised us and has never asked to shoot the bow. As long as she is content just hanging out with us that is fine. If she ever decides that she wants to shoot too, then we would think that was great also.

Little Miss Sunshine!

Cuddly Bear!


Pam said...

Wow, quite a day! First a cattle drive right in your back yard and then an evening at the shooting range!

It made me happy to read you a story tonight Sirri! I just wish I was there to rock you! Grandma loves you all so much and misses you more than you know!!

I can't wait to see you in two weeks. We will have a fun time playing in the park and throwing rocks in the canal! Maybe you can teach Grandpa to shoot Connor.

Hugs and kisses to you all.

Love, Grandma Bigelow

P.S. I'm glad you have happy memories of growing up Lisa and Kim! Pretty good when cinnamon toast and peaches makes you happy!

Kimberly said...

SO GLAD you posted another one. I honestly thought I was checking this practically everyday, but I guess not since I just found all this wonderful new stuff on here!

I LOVE my neices and nephews and I bet Sirri looks cute even when she's fibbing!

Miss you all and can hardly wait for June; truthfully it can't get here soon enough for me.