Friday, April 20, 2007

Something to look at....

Connor and Kendon. Mighty Hunters!
Do you see Connor's arrow?
Kendon made Connor t-shirt with the archery club logo on it.
Connor loves being "same same" as his daddy!
Meg, doing her spitting trick that Grandma Bigelow taught her.
So cute!
Look at those eyes! (and eyelashes!)
Practicing at home.

Okay I think I figured out the picture posting part of this. I figured if I was going to direct you all to my blog there had at least be something to look at! So, here are a few pics from recently.

Easter pictures.

Sirri playing dress up.

Sirri at gymnastics. Isn't she sweet in her leotard!

She is quite the natural and can do a pretty mean hand stand!!! (even w/o the help!)

So, maybe I didn't get it totally figured out (hence the jumbled pics at the bottom, but I'll work on it.) No more time for today. I'm not quite sure this was such a productive way to spend the kids nap time, but I hope you enjoyed it!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jensens- Burbs will be checking in once in a while. Great pictures of some great kids. Love Wendy and Darrel

Penelope Crackers said...

Love the tutu picture. Brings back memories of similar pictures taken of my sister and I as kids. Lovely family photo too. You have a darling family! Glad to have you as a buddy! :)