Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The ABC's of Baby Meg

Meg Elizabeth Jensen
November 13, 2007
One Year Old

  • A= Apples. These are my favorite treat. I loved going for walks down to the apple tree at Aunt Wylene's house this fall. I would chew on an apple the whole way home.
  • B= Bottle. I LOVE my bottle and still need one to go to sleep. Sometimes I even wake up in the night for a bottle. This is going to have to end soon I am afraid. (Just as soon as Mommy and Daddy get brave enough. I hope it takes them a while)
  • C= Copy Cat! I love to play copy cat. It is so cute. My favorites are: spitting/blowing bubbles, fake laughing, and shaking my head no.
  • D= "Don't throw me in the air daddy! I do not like it."
  • E= Eat, eat, eat! I am the best eater Mommy has had. I can eat more than my brother and sister on any given day, any given meal.
  • F= (Not) FAT. I am the skinniest baby that my mom has had. At one year old I weigh 19 lbs. 12 oz. For comparison: at nine months Connor weighed a whopping 28 pounds!!!
  • G= Giggle pot! I may be skinnier than my two older siblings but I am just as ticklish. (Well, almost. I am actually probably the least ticklish out of the three of us. But I will not tell you that I am most ticklish on my thighs. Oops!)
  • H= Hair. I still have very little. It is even shorter than Sirri's hair was when she was one. This has my mom a little worried.
  • I= Ice cream is one of my daddy's very favorite treats and I love it when he shares with me. I eat a LOT. And when he doesn't want to share I scream until he does! (He always folds!)
  • J= Just cut two more teeth. (And they hurt.) That makes for a total of nine. Yes, nine.
  • K= Kimmy's baby and I will be just over a year apart. I cannot wait for Baby Snap to get here. Hurry Baby Snap! You are the only cousin close to my age.
  • L= Lover of: music (I "sing" and "dance"), baths, clapping, suckers, smarties, apples (I know I already told you that, but Mommy thought it looked bad with only suckers and smarties!) Pointing. This is my very latest trick. I love to point at everything. I also love giving kisses. Very wet, open mouthed, lots of tongue, kisses.
  • M= Mommy is so sad that I am one year old. She was teary all day on my birthday.
  • N= Nicknames: Mega Mega Roo Roo (that's what Mommy calls me.) Baby Meg is what Sirri and Connor have called me ever since I was in Mommy's tummy. Meggers (Daddy's nickname) Megatron (Brooke and Koy's daddy) Meggera (Aunt Stacey and Uncle Sharman.)
  • O= Off. I always, always take my shoes and socks off. Just like my big brother who won't leave his on either.
  • P= Pretzel. I am a very flexible baby and can flatten out like a pancake or fold up like a pretzel.
  • Q= Quiet. That is how I like it to be when I am sleeping. I'm a very light sleeper. Mommy and Daddy don't appreciate this very much.
  • R= Runny nose. Whenever Mommy takes me to the doctor they ask, "how long has Meg had a runny nose." Mommy's answer, "her WHOLE life." Honestly, I always have a runny nose.
  • S= Sweet . Sweet. Sweet. This is the first word Mommy would use to describe me.
  • T= Talk. Something I don't do yet. I say mamamamama, but that's it. My Mommy thinks that I should be able to say uh-oh! or something by now. Oh well. I'll talk someday and then she'll be wishing she could keep me quiet.
  • U= Unbelievable eyelashes! This is always the first thing people notice about me. "Wow, look at those eyelashes!"
  • V= Very smart. Sirri plays Pat a Cake with me and I can clap and "roll it." I am also very good at peek-a-boo.
  • W= (Not) WALKING. Yet. I pull myself up to the furniture and walk around but that's all I seem interested in so far. Mommy is okay with this. She isn't ready for me to be mobile. I can stand up for about thirty seconds. When I want to. Like I said, I am not too interested in walking!
  • X= Xtra CUTE! Enough said.
  • Y= Yes, I am sweet. BUT you should see me throw a fit! It is quite good if I don't say so myself. I am a little stubborn and dramatic. Much like my older sister. (Yikes.)
  • Z= zzzzzzzzzz. That is what I am doing right now. Thankfully. Like I said. I am not the world's greatest sleeper. On average I probably sleep at least three hours LESS than my brother and sister in a 24 hour time period.


Laurel said...

So cute!! Happy birthday to a beautiful girl!

Denae said...

Did you take these pictures, or had them done somewhere? They are so cute! She sounds like a fun little thing. I can relate to the skinny baby thing. Mine never weigh 20 lbs by a year old. And that is ok. (o: Happy Birthday Meg!

Celia Fae said...

I'm glad you did two days of Meg instead of one. Now I won't feel so indulgent when I do that.

Bridget said...

That's cute. I think a post like that would take me days though trying to think of a different thing for each letter. Good job!

Mom/Grandma Bigelow said...

Oh, baby Meg, Grandma just thinks you are so precious!!!! And just how did you get that foot up there?? I wanted to be the first one to post a comment but Grandma has trouble doing that from home!
I love you so much and I will see you Saturday and then you get to come home with Grandma for a whole week! Love, Grandma

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I'm totally doing this when Faith is a year old.

Meg is the CUTEST baby! It makes me want another one.... already! Especially the last picture. Ooooooh...


oh, i TOTALLY win the award for having the world's CUTEST nieces and nephews!

she looks different to me. has she grown up a lot since i last saw her? it is amazing what a month or two can do. i don't like how fast she is growing up!

can't wait to see you guys next week!



p.s...can you PLEASE bring a cd of those pictures home next week? I NEED some of those pictures! especially that last one...it is to die for!!!!!!

NT Weekes Family said...

Hi Lisa!
Ever since the 10 yr. class reunion I have been catching up on people, including yours! I finally started one too. Anyways, I have enjoyed your blogs and meeting your family through them! Meg is just a doll! -- All your kids are cute! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!
PS You are sooooo creative!

Love the Pictures!

Phillip and Kirsten said...

Happy birthday, Meg! You're so adorable! Don't worry, you'll start walking, soon! Dalton wasn't too excited either, but he became a pro in a week (and just turned one last month). He still wakes in the night to eat, too. Perhaps some day his momma will feel up to braving the all night tantrum when she decides to wean. Until then, it's way easier to just fill the mouth and stick him back in bed!

NT Weekes Family said...

Hi Lisa!
I'm back!
Ok, come back to my blog.... I need some help. Thanks!

Grandma W. said...

Those pictures are darling! Like Cindy, we need some of those!! You are such a sweet little girl, Little Meg, and growing so fast!!
Tell your Mama not to worry about your hair because your Grandma B. didn't have hair until she was past two and look at her now!! I know, I said that about Sirri too -she too will have hair!! Little Meg's size is just perfect too!
We are so anxious to see all of you during Thanksgiving week!!!
We love you!

gab said...

This was so fun! Enjoy your sweet girl.

jensens said...

This post was absolutely adorable. I cannot believe it has already been a year. My how you have grow Meggera. We love you SO much. Uncle Sharman, Aunt Stacey, Zack and Syd.