Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jensen Family Week in Review Nov. 18-25

Sunday: Sirri had her first Primary Program. My parents are the best and drove from Boise Saturday afternoon to watch their oldest granddaughter basically do, well...nothing. Since she is a Sunbeam her class all said a part together, and yet, the teacher was the only one who you could hear. Okay, so I was told that she did sing the songs, though I couldn't see her from my spot on the stage. I was so sad that I basically missed her first program. Oh well. MANY more years of Primary Programs. Of course, I was told by numerous people just how cute my daughter is. So what if she didn't say much? She's cute!

After the program the kids and I rode with my parents back to Boise. (See... #1 grandparents. They weren't even in town for 24 hours!) It was such a nice ride. I love to be chauffeured! Kendon was on call through Sunday night so he came Monday morning.

Monday: Hmmm. Pretty uneventful. I DID make really yummy enchiladas.

Tuesday: We had the kids pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids. The kiddos did much better than anticipated and I was happy with what we got. I wish I could have had a camera on Kendon when he saw the pictures. Such a proud Daddy!

(Take note. The following paragraph is a little foreshadowing!)

A friend, Nickelle, said that we were lucky to have pictures without bruises or bumps or scrapes. She is right because that is typically how it goes. We have a family picture from when Sirri was little and she has a black eye. Ouch! (Bummer. I was going to show you a picture of the black eyed family portrait but I forgot Cindy photoshopped the black eye out. Kendon was sad.)

So, yes lucky. But not for long.

Wedenesday: I had a major Mommy Melt Down Moment. And Cindy was a witness. Poor girl. Sorry Cin. I wasn't feeling well and wasn't up to doing anything. The longer we sat around the house, the rowdier the kiddos got. And rowdy in someone else's house doesn't go real well. (even if it is Gma's house. ) So, at about 12:00 I decided to get the kids dressed and take them somewhere for lunch. We got the kids dressed, hair done, Meg in her car seat, just in time for Sirri to throw a fit (I lose track of the reasons), Meg to decide she is tired and begin to bawl, and for Connor to pee on my only pair of pants. Yes, I was wearing them, don't ask how it happened (just remember...little boy, learning to pee.) Needless to say, I freaked and we didn't go anywhere. Cindy promptly took over. She fed the kids lunch while I frantically tried to find something to clean in my Mom's house. (I like to clean when I am feeling out of control. Or in this case, not just feeling it, but truly had lost it!) So, we put the kids to bed and I did something I rarely do. I took a two hour nap. BUT FIRST, I ate a very large bowl of peppermint ice cream and read my book. Ahhhhhh. I then felt much better.

After naps, when I was ready to be a Mommy again we took the kids shopping for family portrait outfits. Of course, Cindy came along. Number one, I think she may have still been afraid for the children's lives, and number two, I am hopeless when it comes to shopping. We found some great outfits and had cookies at Carl's Jr. to reward the great shopping kiddos!

Thursday: Thursday morning we had family portraits taken. It is so nice to have a photographer sister. Cindy does a great job! (If you live in Boise and need pictures done...Cindy is the one to call.)

Well, as you can see, these pictures turned out really well too. No cuts, scrapes, bruises, UNTIL.... Kendon and Connor slipped on some icy rocks and Connor gashed his head open. To make long story short, Kendon felt (still feels) extremely terrible, there was LOTS of blood, we were a few miles from a hospital, he ended up with four stitches in his head, Connor was soooo brave (and impressed the heck out of the hospital staff), and his daddy (still feeling guilty) spoiled him with a big dish of ice cream, with m&m's, chocolate chips, and sprinkles, from the hospital cafeteria.

We are sorry we have no pictures from the accident or the hospital. Kendon did say that my sister wouldn't make a good photojournalist. He wishes that she had kept snapping pictures after Connor fell. "it would have made for a good blog," he said. I know that Cindy was just being a good auntie and was more worried about Connor than getting a good shot.

Here is an after shot.
We then of course had a ver yummy feast at my parent's house. Lots of food and good company makes for a great time. My favorite is the green bean casserole. Yummy. And my least favorite...yams. Yuck. I also don't like pumpkin pie. Grrrross!

Friday: Kendon got off work early so we were able to spend the afternoon and evening together as a family (he was able to work for the week in Boise. It worked out really well. Kinda like having a paid vacation.) We met my dad at Cabelas. The kids love to go there and see all the animals and the great big fish aquariums. Connor knows the names of all the animals (even the tricky ones like antelope.) He even knows the difference between a white tail and a mule deer. This makes his hunting daddy very proud.

Then we went to the Festival of Trees. I just love to see all the trees and listen to the Christmas music. It put me right in the holiday spirit! I can't wait to get my house all decorated on Monday!!! The kids had fun too and were very well behaved.

We came home and had Pappa Murphy's pizza with my parents. It was a really nice night!

Also, Meg is officially weened from the bottle. I am still soooooo sad, BUT I am happy that she can now go to bed without her bottle and she also sleeps through the night. Yipppeeee!!!!!!!!

Saturday: Drive home. No major occurrences which is just how we like it!

Congrats to anyone who made it through this BIG OLE LONG post! I should have a drawing for those kind souls who made it this far. BUT, I won't. Sorry. How about I just promise to post something a bit more entertaining soon? Deal!


Paige said...

Those are really fantastic photos, and your kids are so good! How nice of your son to wait until you have taken great pictures to injure himself.

Kim said...

Now I REALLY miss being close to you all. The pictures and the fun week without for me! I am calling Cin right now to tell her to send me copies ASAP! Connor, sorry about your forehead but way to go on being a big boy at the hospital! Miss you all!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Denae said...

Lisa- Marie!!! We both had head injuries and stitches this week! I am so sorry for both Kendon and Conner. Mostly Conner though.. it is so sad and painful and terrible to get stitches. I hope he's feeling better. Your family pictures turned out great though!

Rochelleht said...

Those pictures are AMAZING!!! WOW! Your Christmas cards are going to rock. So sorry it took stitches to get them. At least it was after you got some great shots. ;-)

Nortorious said...

Keep posting cute pictures of your kids because Paige is jealous of your camera. It bugs her.

jensens said...

I am glad everything worked out okay. We were worried when Sharman got the call to get medical information for Connor. Mostly I am just glad you guys are home safe and sound. Your new photos look awesome.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

You know you're a blogger when you even THINK about putting pictures up of your son's gashing, bloody head. I love it. I'd do the same thing.

Laurel said...

oh my goodness! Poor little Conner! That looks like a nasty cut, but tell daddy that those things just happen. No need to feel guilty. Glad you had a good holiday otherwise.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Love the photos. And I'm sorry about the stitches. It's so hard to see your kids in pain. Ya know, unless they deserve it.
I LOVE papa murphy's. If you haven't tried the pizza in a Pan style, you really must. It's the best.

Jessica said...

Summaries are the best, because I get a feel for how your daily life is. Loved it--and the new pictures.

gab said...

Cute photos! Beautiful and photogenic children. Happy happy family. So sorry about the blood and tears, but you know that's how boys turn into men. RIght?

NT Weekes Family said...

WOW! What a Fun week!
The pictures look Oh so cute!
Glad they were taken before the crash on the head! -- it's ALWAYS the BOYS that do it too! I think it's how they are made! I'm glad he was ok. It's always fun to walk away with family pictures taken with a "war wound"!

Celia Fae said...

You said you didn't think this was entertaining, but I loved it. I especially enjoyed the mommy meltdown (nice to know you're human) and the pee pee pants.

Your kids really are gorgeous. You know that, don't you?

Dancin Queen said...

You have a such a beautiful family. You've had quite a week!

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Dancin Queen said...

P.S. That quote on your sidebar is one of my favorites!

Grandma W. said...

I feel bad that I wasn't able to come and help you when you didn't feel so good........but, as you know, I was needed at home. Your week turned out really good anyway! I am glad you got to go to the Festival of Trees! I love it, but didn't make it this year. Hope Connor's head is healing OK!
Love You!

Patty said...

Oh Conner ... You sound so BRAVE!!! I guess all that archery practice and bein' around the 'big guys' has made you so brave! Sounds like you impressed the HECK out of the Doctors & Nurses ... WAY TO GO BIG GUY! I'm sure of one thing ... your DAD's chest was waaaaay big that day he was so proud of you!!

You are certainly a BIG BOY!!

Patty said...

LOVE the family photo!! And LOVE your new 'do' Ms. Lisa! What an incredibly GORGEOUS family you and Kendon have! I'm such a proud Auntie! :) xoxox