Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Did We Have a Blast in Boise?

Could we have spent one more second in the pool?

Do my kiddos have the best grandparents or what?
Was ten days too long mom and dad?

Wasn't it so great that our kids hit it right off, Carin?
Do yours miss mine like mine miss yours?

Like my grandma's hat? Isn't she sweet to watch out for me and my fair skin?

Speaking of fair, have you ever seen whiter (or wider) calves?

Aren't I blessed to still have three of my grandparents?

Isn't my sister a babe?

Like this picture?

Would you believe that we really had a good time at the cemetery for a father's day picnic?
Can you imagine how much my grandfather was missed?

WHO are my children playing in?

Is she so smart or what?

Can you believe that we only had one major meltdown the whole trip?
Are you surprised that he stubbornly kept one foot on the floor since he couldn't get off the bed?
How long do you think it finally took him to fall asleep?

Do I have the cutest kids or what?

Where did they come from?

Did we have a BLAST in Boise?
Do we miss you all?
YOU BET!!!!!


gab said...

Welcome back! Looks like fun!

Rochelleht said...

Why, yes, I have seen whiter calves.


Looks like a super fun time. LOVE summer!!!

andrea said...

so many questions. how can i answer them all??? for the record, your grandpa's calves are whiter than yours. why does that not sound reassuring after all?

glad you had a super time. did you meet ilene?
the picture of connor with one foot on the floor is too much. i'll be laughing about that one all day. this is the part where i tell you that his mental toughness will be an asset to him as he matures. again, like the white calves and grandpa... not so reassuring right now.

Anonymous said...

love the cemetary picnic, seriously, awesome! love that it's made a place to be peaceful, not afraid of.

lucky you.

Kim said...

sarah and i should have flown down and joined you all. looks like you had too much fun without us!!! soon we will be having a ball though!

connor, i adore you and your big happy grin!

sirri, you look so grown up and beautiful...will i recognize you when we come?

Meg, sweet, sweet Meggers...we miss you darling!

Sister, BFF!!!

Grandma W. said...

Yes, you all did have a great time while in Boise!! I am glad to see some pictures of little Meg! Such a cutie! They all are! And, I know your folks love having you!!
Grandchildren are so very "special"! It is so amazing how much we love them, not having had them ourselves!!!It is because they belong to you, our sweet grandchild!!!
We love you!

Hazen5 said...

You sure did have fun. I want that hat, you look adorable in it. Glad you are back!

queenieweenie said...


Says the pale, freckled girl.


you should come back.

Pam said...

Yes we had a blast!
No, ten days wasn't too long!
And yes, we miss you so much!!!!!
Grandma and Grandma love you little kiddos more than you will ever know! We love you too big kiddo!!!!

Harestads said...

So much fun to be had!! I bet you are exhausted. And I'm pretty sure that even though you had tons of activities to keep you busy, that you could have fun with your kids even if you were just locked in a room together!

Carin said...

It was fun to see our kids have a great time together! And I can't wait to get them together again.

Colleen said...

looks like you had lots of fun. and i think my legs are whiter and wider than yours

Bridget said...

We just got back from Nampa! we had a great time too. I heart vacation.

James & Dawn said...

I have to say, I think it is so amazing you had your fathers day picnic at the cemetary. That is so special! What a great family!

Lauren said...

Your sister IS a total babe!!!!

It looks like you had such a lovely time :) You look great in your Grandma's hat! She is a sweetheart to look out for you:)

The picture of Connor with one foot on the floor is so funny!

Your kiddos are ADORABLE!

Ilene said...

Wow, I need to get out more. Actually, we have really enjoyed living in Boise so far. You can't beat 10pm sunsets!