Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Last night the kids went to bed terribly. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-Y! Anyone surprised? You shouldn't be. I'm not. (Can you tell I have had enough?!?!?!) They were standing on their headboards, throwing stuffed animals back and forth, jumping on their beds (Connor broke the wooden slats in his) sneaking out of their rooms on their hands and knees (thinking they were being so sneaky, but they weren't.)

Kendon and I tried to be patient. We really did. We tried to use Love and Logic. We really did. But in the end (which happened to be at 10:00) everyone went to bed sad and frustrated. The kids lost their privilege to go to the Spray Park today, which is a bummer cause that punishes me as well.

Well, last night at about 2:00 am Sirri woke up with a raging fever. She is just like me and always gets sick when she has had too much sun. After some IBU and laying with her for a while she went back to sleep just in time for Connor to wake up puking and with hurting ears. He wanted me to lay with him as well which I did.

As I was laying there, feeling so sad for the sick little guy, I was reminded just how much I love my buddy and my other two kiddos.

I was reminded that it is important to discipline and teach your kids but it isn't okay if it isn't with love.

I was reminded that Kendon and I have made a pact that our parenting decisions would always be motivated by love NOT power.

I was reminded that kids will be kids, but they won't be little for very long and that teenagers know the difference between a motivation of love and power and that we better figure it out before they do.

I was reminded that we believe in the Love and Logic program but it doesn't work unless you are dedicated and committed to doing it right.

I was reminded that we have been given these children as stewards from our Heavenly Father and He trusts that we will do the best that we can.

I was reminded that being a parent isn't easy, but it can be worth it.

I was reminded that the sun will come out tomorrow and every day is a new day!


Stephanie said...

You and Kendon are great parents, you already have this all figured out, parenting with love. There will be other nights like this but you learn how to try and handle it next now know what is working, what is not. It will get better, you guys are doing a great job.

So sorry your cuties are not feeling well...hope they feel better soon.

Rochelleht said...

Oh, Lisa-Marie! All that is so true. I loved that. It's so hard, but it's nice to know that each new day is fresh and we can try again.

Lauren said...

Such a great post :) It is so true...all of it!

I love what you said about being motivated by love and not power and how that needs to be figured out before they are teenagers.

I am glad my kids are so forgiving of me...Parenting is the hardest and most wonderful thing I have ever done.

♥Shally said...

We are working so hard on Love and Logic is hard sometimes!

Luckily, like Lauren said, kids forget our faults...

You are a great mom, and they are lucky to have someone who loves them so much!

Kim said...

will richard, sarah, and i get in trouble if we join them in their evening fun while we share a room with them?

give the little stinkers and yourself a hug from us until i can do it myself!

hope everyone is feeling better!

Grandma W. said...

Oh my! There are going to be nights like that for sure! You just cannot get away from it! I do think sometimes, we have to let them know "we" are the bosses - not them yet. You can do that without being unloving! Get the upper hand before they are in their teens for sure! They are going to test you every now and then for sure!!!
You are doing a good job, so don't worry about it!
We love you!

Kathy Slattengren said...

Parenting was definitely the most challenging and draining when our kids were very young. However, all the time and energy we put into developing our parenting skills when our kids were young has really paid off now that they are teenagers. Your efforts will produce wonderful rewards!

Ilene said...

Ah, I checked out the love and logic book... it sounds so good if you only have one kid.

However, I will try it out because heaven knows I need some help.

Phillip and Kirsten said...

I so wish I had read this post a few days ago! I love the Love and Logic stuff, but I agree: it can be so much easier (short term thinking) to not follow it sometimes!!! ESPECIALLY when the consequences don't seem as immediate and harsh as I'd like them to be! Way to be such a great mom and show the rookies like me how to do it!

Jessica said...

COuld you call and read me this post at random times during the week???