Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heart Breaker.

A conversation while in Boise.

"Grandma, I love being at your house."
Grandma: "I love having you here, Sirri."
S: "I wish you lived closer grandma."
G: "I wish you lived closer too."
S: "You need to move closer to me."
G: "No, you need to move. I was here first."
S: "Well, when we move we are going to have another baby. My friends James' mom, had
another baby when they moved."

An oldie, but one of my all time favorites!

And for the record...two things that aren't happening. #1 Moving. #2 Baby.


Ilene said...

Wouldn't it be nice to live near your mom? Mine is in Chicago. So not fun.

Kim said...

sirri, don't we all wish we lived near Grandma?! Her house is a great place to be!

♥Shally said...

I HATE not living by my mom... She used to live across the street from us.

I loved it.

Sirri is TO CUTE!

Too bad about the baby thing... ;)

Lauren said...

I love that she loves Grandma so much...I love hearing the things that come out of the mouths of sweet little kiddos.

Grandma W. said...

Yes, Sirri, your Grandma is very special!! But, you know what??!!
We are just so glad you and your family are just as far as Rexburg!
You could be in California too!!
You are very lucky you can come every once in a while and see Grandpa and Grandma ---- and Papa
and Grandma too, because we love you very much too!!

Harestads said...

I guess that you should thankful that you are as close as you are and that your kids have that close of a relationship with your parents. I know a lot of people who rarely even see their grandkids. I bet your mom can't get enough of those kids!!

andrea said...

just wait til she finds out it wasn't actually THE MOVE that caused the baby to appear.

Jenibelle said...

Andrea...maybe it WAS "the move". Oops, gotta keep it g-rated!! I am sending you a little prize for being the first to comment on my Studly SIL. Isn't that hysterical?

Pam said...

Oh Sirri, you never mind your Mama. Maybe you just might move here someday! That would make your Grandma so happy!! I love you little one!