Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Mighty Hunter!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY belated birthday Kendon. Sorry I forgot...I have baby brain!! I have to admit that this is the second time I have watched this today...can't get enough of the kids. I will see you soon kiddos...I can't wait!!!! :) Love aunt kimmy

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful day Kendon. Pretty neat cake . . . were the binocular's a gift or did she pull those out of your hunting gear?? I agree with Kim . . . can't get enough of those little ones! See you all next week. Love, Mom/Pam/Grandma

Ami Bethea said...

HI! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It was inspiring and I really appreciate it! Thank you.

Ami Bethea

Cindy Bigelow said...

happy BELATED BELATED BELATED birthday kendon! looks like you had a great day and your incredible wife and children spoiled you as usual! sorry i am a bad sister in law and am quite a few days late. i thought of you on birthday...promise! don't feel too bad though...pretty sure i have been a bad sister, friend, daughter, relief society president, name it i haven't been the best at anything lately! everyone seems to think i have forgotten about them between georgia, mexico, and the move. i'll learn to keep with everything one day :).

i just wanted to say how grateful i am my sister is married to such a wonderful man who is such a great dad to my three favorite kids in the world. i'm grateful for your example as i wander thru this scary world trying to find a good man of my own :). i have great brother in laws who continue to teach me!

i am grateful for you and the friend i have in you. i always tell's not my dad i am scared to bring boys home to, it is my brother in law, kendon! you've definitely become the older brother i've never had!

lisa...i love the pictures! thank you so much for always doing the blog. it makes my day to open it up and find new smiling faces. i can't get enough of these kids. i love them so much it almost scares me to think about how much i will love my own kids one day! do i even HAVE that much love??? WHEW!!!!

i love all 5 of you so much and am excited to see you next week! sirri and connor...can't wait to swim in the swimming pool with you!

love, love, love...aunt cindy.