Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Got Hair?

If you won't grow hair, Sirri, then I guess I'll just have to add more bows! We'll fake it!


Stacey said...

Sirri's hair is SO stinkin cute!! What a doll. Love you sis, Aunt Stacey

Anonymous said...

Poor little Meg! Did she have the flu or what? We hope she is doing much better by today! Don't you just feel terrible when the babies are sick? You feel so helpless! She is always such a happy little thing otherwise!
Those pictures of Sirri are just darling! Her hair is so cute! Be patient, Honey! One day, she will have so much hair, you will wonder what to do with it! That is the way your Mom's hair was, and look at her now! It was even thicker as she was growing up! Just be glad you can put it in the little pig tails and put a bow on it!!
Love You!
Grandma and Pappa