Monday, June 4, 2007

Good Idea Bad Idea (Toddler Edition)

Anyone remember Good Idea Bad Idea from the Animaniacs cartoon? Here is my own version.

Good Idea: Finding out what your toddlers are doing outside that has kept them so quiet.

Bad Idea: Finding out what they are ACTUALLY doing.

In this case...drum roll please.... eating dog food! And I don't mean just a little nibble. I am talking mouth fulls. Hence their being so quiet! When I asked them why they were eating dog food, Connor answered, "because it is good." And Sirri, being the wise 3 1/2 year old that she is said, "I'm showing Chuck (the dog) how."

Let's hear about YOUR Good Idea Bad Idea (toddler version) stories!


Anonymous said...

was it the hard stuff or the soft squishy kind? YUCK!! My kids will never do that kind of hting, right?!? :) Luvs-kim

Anonymous said...

Tell themn they will start barking if they indulge in any more dog food! Of course, that may not be a very good idea as they may like to bark! You need eyes in the back of your head, Mama! Hang in there!!!
We love you!
Pappa and Grandma