Friday, June 15, 2007

A Standard Issue 8 Year Old

I think that when you have your first baby, you should be given a standard issue 8 year old. Maybe he/she would come in the mail with your new baby's birth certificate. Eight year olds are the perfect age. They are old enough to be capable of helping out quite a lot and yet they are young enough that they still have a desire to please. THAT my friends is the perfect combination. Able AND Willing! Doesn't that sound like an idea to anyone else? Where exactly do you think you would go to propose such an idea?

My baby, Meg, is sick today. She started to act sick yesterday and progressively got worse throughout the day. I went to Book Group last night and when I got home she was awake and not doing very well. She was up most of the night sleeping for about 45 minutes at a time (at the most.) She had a rough morning but is finally starting to pull out of it I think. She just took a little thirty minute cat nap and when she woke up she actually smiled at me. The first smile in about 24 hours! How sweet those smiles are after not seeing them for what seems like so long.

Now, back to the 8 year old idea. My niece Saquoia, who is 8, spends the day with us on Mondays and Fridays and BOY HOWDY have I been thankful for her today. She is so great to have around. She helps out so well. She plays with my older two kids so I can love on the sick baby and then she'll love on the baby when I need to be with the other two. Saquoia will even hold Meg when she is crying and it doesn't seem to phase her. She is such a great little helper and I am so glad that she was here today. Thanks Saquoia! I love you!
And eight year olds still take naps. Yet another bonus!!! Poor girl, my kiddos wore her out!

Editor's Note: Meg is BACK asleep. I'm glad yet sad. I was excited to love on her while she was happy, but I know she needs her sleep since she had none last night. Mom could use a little herself!


Anonymous said...

Yes Honey, it would be great if the first one came with an eight year old, but------we just have to how to do it ourselves, I guess! When John was born, Penny was 9, and I thought I had died and go to heaven!! John was the easiest one
then!! We are glad you have Saquoia at least two days a week! It sure will help you this summer when Sirri and Connor want to play outside and you have to be in the house! God works in strange ways doesn't he? He knew you could use some assistance!!!
We Love You!
Pappa and Grandma

Anonymous said...

I need to learn to proof-read before sending message!!
It should say "we just have to learn ourselves"! And----"I thought I had died and gone to heaven"!
I will try to do better!