Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Kendon!

Tomorrow is Kendon's birthday! Happy birthday babe! I love you.

Here is a little tribute to the main man in our lives!

Choosing the person that you marry is such a big deal because you are choosing the person that you will be with forever, BUT it is also a huge deal because you are also choosing the man that will be a father to your children. That is putting an awful lot on the line, but I know and am so thankful that I chose well! What a blessing in my life.

Kendon is such an incredible and involved father. He loves to spend time with his kids. Family is his number one priority. He loves to take the kids and me with him to the archery range, for family evening walks, to the park for family night, treasure hunting (geocaching) all kinds of great adventurous things that I know are a lot more work with three kiddos tagging along. But he does it and he does it because he wants to. Not only does Kendon do all the fun things with his kids but he is involved in the every day tasks as well. Kendon always puts at least one child's jammers on , rocks kids to sleep each night, changes poopy bums, makes dinner, does dishes, gets kids ready for church (even irons Connor's clothes!) gets up with babies in the night, stays up with kids who decide to be up at 4:30 on many mornings (MEG!), stays home with the kids (more than his fair share) so I can go to book group or scrapbooking, goes to gymnastics/dance recitals. The joy of all of this is that Kendon always does these things willingly. He never acts like he is being put upon or that these tasks are a woman's job. He sees our marriage and raising kids as a true partnership and team job. He gives 100% all the time. Kendon truly is my partner and for that I am thankful!

For Father's Day I had the kids finish some sentences about their Daddy and we made a little book for him. Here are some of the answers the kids came up with all on their own. They are real gems!

* My Daddy is fun because...I like Big sister song. (A song he made up for Sirri!) - Sirri
* It makes me happy when Daddy...I go to church with him. - Sirri
* I know my Daddy loves me because... he does macaroni and pasta and that's it. - Connor
* I know my Daddy loves me because... he tickles my back. - Sirri
* My Daddy is fun because... go on treasure hunts. - Connor
* My daddy is good at... working computers. - Sirri
* I love my daddy because...daddy takes me go bowling. - Sirri
* It makes me happy when daddy...go the range. - Connor

We love you Daddy!

p.s. Here is the present I would get you...if I could. It's the thought that counts right?!?!

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