Thursday, December 13, 2007

I prefer to think I am PHAT!

I needed a nice relaxing tub the other morning. So, a good book and I got warm and cozy and were having quite a nice time....

Until Sirri arrived.

Upon seeing me in the tub we had the following conversation:

Sirri: "Mommy, you're tummy is fat."

Mommy: "That isn't a very nice thing to say Sirri."

Sirri: "Saying fat isn't a nice word?"

Mommy: "No, it's not nice to tell someone they are fat."

Sirri (looking quite perplexed): "But Mommy, your tummy IS fat."

So much for nice and relaxing. I think I need to start locking the door!

Here is a little visual. Not exactly the visual poor Sirri got, but this is all you're gettin'!

Notice the tummy roll?


jessica said...

I'd like to know a mom that doesn't have a fat tummy. Ains tells me that my tummy is getting fatter, apparantly I'm growing?!

Amanda said...

The only thing I see is a beautiful family! :)

Stacey Jensen said...

Tummy rolls are badges of honor we get as we have children. I am proud of my belly and the stretch marks and the yucky rolls.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

My darling princess told me the other day that it looks like I have a baby in my tummy. I think it's time for me to layoff the cookies, don't you?

Paige said...

My kids ask me all the time if there's another baby in there. I tell them no, it's in my butt. I prefer to see it as a badge too. Great picture of your sweet family and you.

Denae said...

Paige's comment was so funny. And the honesty of kids can hurt, can't it? But I think you look great and that is an adorable picture of you and the kids.

Nortorious said...

Only the mom is looking at her tummy. The rest of us see the cute kids and green shirt/red hair combo.
Also, yes, you can special order. Just tell me what you want via email.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

K. There is no tummy roll. I have an ACTUAL tummy roll. And the green shirt, red hair combo is striking. I need to e-mail you. I'm sorry. It's been a weird week.

By the way, I also see my stretch marks as badges of honor, but I still hate them all the same and want them gone.

AMY said...

Show me a mommy sans tummy roll and I'll show you a mommy with mutant genes, a personal trainer and a great plastic surgeon. Glad you're so real.

Laurel said...

I don't know anyone our age who doesn't have a little something extra there. We are't supposed to look 14 forever, are we? Geez I hope not!

And why is it that my kid's can not stay out of the bathroom when I'm in there? The minute they hear the water running the haul buns. It's like a kid call or something. Glad to know I'm not alone.

NT Weekes Family said...

Tha Family picture is cute! The firt thing I saw was the green & then the cute red hair!-- Luv it!!!
My sisiers and I call our tummy's
BIF's = Butt In Front! Sometimes they get bigger & sometimes they get smaller, but they never really go away! :0)

Bridget said...

My daughter asked me once why my boobs were down here (pointing to her stomach) and Barbie's are up here? (pointing to her collarbone) Ouch. The truth hurts.

But about you.....I agree with Amanda. When I look at the picture I think 'cute family.' We are way too hard on ourselves.

Jessica said...

I don't see a roll.

Last week, we were talking about which baby was messiest, fussiest, biggest...and Gabe (7) said, "I know who the fattest person in our family is...Mom."

He's right.

Grandma W. said...

Keep reminding me NEVER to let Sirri in the bathroom when I am taking a bath or shower!!! You are just right and don't you forget it!! And, what a darling picture of the four of you! We
would like one of those!
We love you! By the way, I love the picture of Connor in Papa's bathtub!!! So neat they have all been in it at some time!!
Love you!

gab said...

I love that your Grandma always comments...or is it your mom! Cute family. What tummy?