Monday, December 10, 2007

Jensen Family Week in Review Dec. 3rd - Dec. 9th

Sirri has really been into playing house. She and Connor are the mom and Dad, Kendon and I are the son and daughter and Meg is Baby Kelly. Baby Kelly? Where did she come up with that? It is like she has her own little imaginary friend, yet she isn't imaginary! And don't even try to call Meg, Meg. "Mom. Her name is Baby Kelly!" Yes, ma'am!

Sirri had a really BIG moment while playing at Jaci's house the other day. Apparently she and Brooke were downstairs playing and Connor followed them down and began to tease and taunt them (which he has MASTERED lately.) Sirri said, "Connor, I don't want you teasing me. I'm going upstairs." He of course followed. Sirri then said, "Connor, please leave us alone," and went downstairs again. Connor of course followed. Sirri went back upstairs, into Brooke's room and before shutting the door said, "Connor, I'm shutting the door so you can't bother us. Please leave us alone."

WOW! That is seriously really great for Sirri. The reason that Connor loves to tease her so much is that he always gets a BIG reaction. Sirri is a bit dramatic and Connor just loves to watch th esparks fly. So, for Sirri to remain so calm and to remove herself from the situation three time is a BIG deal! GREAT JOB, SIRRI! I'm proud of you!

As previously said, Connor has MASTERED the art of naughty this week. I just don't know what to do with him. I'm trying to be more consistent using a time out chair. I'd guess he was in time out fifteen times on Saturday. Maybe I need a new strategy. Oh what do you do with the cutest, naughtiest three year old around? Any suggestions would be helpful.

I did mention that Connor happens to be the cutest naughty boy though, didn't I? He really is so sweet when he isn't being naughty. This week anytime you ask him if wants something or wants to do something he replies, "Oh. Sure I do." It is so cute. And for some reason, it really bothers his sister. Sirri says, "Ugh. Connor, you always say sure." Oh, wait. I think I just figured out WHY it is Connor's new favorite saying. Oh that little stinker! (But, I still think it is cute!)

Connor has informed me this week that next Halloween, he wants to be a door. A door? What?

Meg is a BIG girl now. She has graduated to a big girl car seat. Much to her mother's chagrin. That is just one more sign that my baby is growing up and I will have nothing to do with it. She really does look adorable in it though.

Meg had a doctor's appointment this week. While there, I mentioned to the doctor that Meg is a real babbler but doesn't say any words. The doctor started rambling off words that he thought she might be able to say. Momma? Nope. Dadda? Nope. Hi? Nope. Bye Bye? Nope. Night Night? Nope. Uh Oh? Nope. Did I mention that she says NO WORDS? He got the idea and was quite concerned. Just the reaction I was not wanting. Maybe I'm just in denial because like I said, I'm kinda anti Baby Meg growing up. So, if she can't talk...fine by me! Anyway, the doctor said that if she isn't saying some of those words by 14 months we might want to look into it.

Well, since her appointment on Tuesday, Meg has learned to say uh oh! It sounds more like "ah ahhh," but it is so cute. Nothing stays on her high chair tray now. It is all thrown on the floor followed by a sweet little, "ah ahhh!" So, it's progress.

Meg has also learned to sign, "please." I really need to get it on video cause it would melt your heart. (That is, if she will actually do it. Two out of three times she will throw a screaming fit first and then sign please!)

The highlight of my week was going Christmas shopping all day (and I mean ALL DAY! 9 am -7:30 pm) with my friend Teresa. It has been our tradition for the last six years. We always go somewhere fun to eat lunch and sometimes go out for dessert later as well! I had a BLAST this year. This is the biggest Christmas we have done for our kids yet and I just LOVED spoiling them. Kendon thinks they were OVER spoiled but I don't. I think we kept it reasonable. I don't ever want my kids to get the impression that they get TONS of stuff for Christmas, so I controlled myself, but it was just so much fun! I hope that I don't ever dread Christmas shopping.

I also had saved a little cash to spend on myself. As you know, I could use some new pants and a few shirts. I was really excited to be able to shop without the three little munchkins and was hoping to find something cute to wear on my birthday date on Saturday. Well, NO SUCH LUCK! I am the worst shopper! I don't even know what my own style is and spending money on myself is so hard. I'd rather go to the dentist and I HATE the dentist. I saw a few things that I liked but just couldn't buy them. I came home with NOTHING for me. Grrrr. Why do I have such issues?!?!?! I need help. Anyone know of an AA meeting for shopping dorks?

Kendon is a super sport and stayed home with the kids all day Saturday. And why shouldn't he? He is the dad...but I know of plenty of dads who don't. So, I am alway so thankful for Kendon. He never complains! Thanks honey! (Actually he was a little annoyed that I left him home to fend without any milk, very little bread, no tortillas. I'm not sure WHAT he fed the kids. He's amazing and figured something out!)

Kendon has been really worried about Aseneth this week. She has pneumonia now and they had to induce a coma and she isn't able to have any visitors because her immune system is so low. Kendon has really been affected by this whole situation. He worries about Senny all the time and keeps saying, "it couldn't have happened to a sweeter girl."


Amanda said...

A door! I love it! :)

Does Meg have her OWN words for things? I've heard that if a child has their own word for something and consistently uses it, then that counts as a word. Also, it's not uncommon for the youngest child to speak later because the older children figure out their language and respond to it appropriately thereby reinforcing the baby's own language.

AMY said...

The news about Aseneth made me sad. I hope she's doing better by Christmas at least!
Sounds like a crazy week. Love the "Sure" thing. #3 (my four year old) always says, "Wewl, Actwawwy" (Well, actually) and I love it! He's trying to be so grown up!

Denae said...

I am so impressed with Sirri's ability to keep control with her brother teasing her. Can she come over and help my girls learn that?!? Also, I love your tradition of shopping all day with a friend. Friends help make decision and to get a lot of it done in one day must be so nice!

jessica said...

What a cute family! It's nice to hear that someone is dealing with lots of the same problems I am...a sinker, and non-talker (although mine is 16 months), and even clothing issues. How fun to have a whole day shopping, what mom wouldn't love that!

Grandma W. said...

Lisa Marie to bad you can't come to
Boise. Pappa could take you shopping & I'll bet we could buy you some neat clothes!!. Grandma
is a pretty good resistor & I can
win her over sooo you shouldn't be
so tough. Save your money & the next
time you are here we'll give it a shot.
Love You!!! Pappa

Nortorious said...

I have that same high chair and I love it.
I'm into products.

NT Weekes Family said...

I love your "weeks in review"! I need to do that...
It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that has a hard time shopping for one self! I actually just bought myself a few sweaters at the DI this last week!--(The first time in who knows how long.) Totally cute too! I can't stand paying full price for anything...I'm SUPER cheap!
I have naughty kids too! Sometimes it's the boys more than Asha, but she has her moments too!I have tried the time-out thing... I have gone to taking toys & play dates away. Most of the time it works! The Big one is taking Computer time away! --That's a HUGE one for my 7 yr old!
I'm sorry to hear about Aseneth, my uncle also got pneumonia while doing kemo... it's pretty serious, but he was able to pull out of it... I'm sure she will too! -- Lot's of prayers!
I think Meg will talk when she has something to say! I have 2 nephews that had a speech delay, I guess they didn't have anything to say! -- They started teaching them sign lang.
Every kid is different, but never ignore your motherly instincts!
"We" My husnbad and I & our oldest are paying for the price for that! I will post a blog on this later as we get a full diagnosis.
Again, sorry for the long comment.
~ Nickelle
my thoughts and prayers are with Aseneth & her family & friends.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I am so sad for Aseneth. Keep us posted on that one...

Your kids are adorable and Sirri sounds like she's going to be a great mamma one day.

And the talking thing? She'll get it. She will.

Bridget said...

I am SO looking forward to seeing your pics next Halloween of this door costume! Hee, hee.

gab said...

I am jealous of your shopping day. That sounds like exactly what I need!

Katherine said...

A door- how hilarious! Your kids are so cute.

Laurel said...

Okay, we need to go shopping. It's something I am pretty good at, although I don't do it often because, well, life's bigger than shopping, right? Anywho...I've been hearing raves about Gap's curvy boot cut jean. I'm determined to check it out.

And if I could stop the teasing and reacting in this house...that would be an awesome Christmas present. My 4 year old boy has turned into the biggest tormentor. Boys are like that, I guess!

I have been praying for that little girl. I am so sad for her and her family.

Grandma W. said...

Boy! Connor really comes up with some good ones doesn't he? But, you will think of something so he can be a door!
Now, hear this! Your Mom did not talk until she was two years old!! And, it was because her big sister, Penny, talked for her! And, I am sure Meg gets plenty of that!!! So, I wouldn't worry! She just likes to sit and take it all in! One of these days, you won't be able to keep her quiet!
Glad you had such a good time shopping!! I hate to shop! You had better be prepared the next time you are here because I think you will be going shopping!!!
We love you!