Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jensen Family Week in Review Dec. 16-24

The Kids:

"Look Momma! I'm Baby Jesus' Mom, Mary!"
And All ready to go to gymnastics. Now, that is style. She must get that from her mother!!!
Isn't she the cutest????

Remember how last week Sirri had been wanting to go and visit our friend in the ward? Well, Sunday I finally listened to her and we went for the visit. It was so wonderful. Sister Siepert was so thankful for our visit and I could tell it meant a lot to her husband that we were thinking of his wife. He really watches out for her. Sirri gave her the gingerbread house she had made and Sister Siepert loved it. We went on the right day too because the Siepert's dog had just had puppies a few hours earlier and Sirri was able to pet them. I do think though, that I needed the visit more than Sister Siepert did. It was a good lesson to me. I need to listen to my children more and act quickly when they are wanting to serve. It was not a very good example to Sirri of charity when she had to remind her mom for a full week to follow through. I'm so thankful that Sirri has a kind and giving heart and I hope that I can be better at helping her cultivate that. And I think Sirri has a new life long friend. When she saw Sister Siepert at church this Sunday she had to go see her and give her a hug. It was special.

Connor's hair is getting long. Kendon likes it long in the winter, but only cause he doesn't have to fight Connor to do it everyday. Connor wakes up from his naps with some pretty great bed head. This particular day, we decided to "go with it" and fixed it up into a real nice little mohawk. Connor really liked it. I think he is handsome no matter what his hair looks like. (And I do like his hair long too. In fact, I hope that when he is a teenager he'll want to grow it out into the shaggy look. At least then he could do it by himself. I hope.)

TROUBLE. That is what Meg has been into this week. Markers. The tree. (Twice.) Trying to give up her naps. (I think NOT!) She is just so busy. At least she is so darn cute. She has that going for her!!! She has learned a few new tricks this week that make her mom happy. Her biggest accomplishment being that she can blow her nose on cue. It is so nice and I am such a proud mommy. I'll show anyone who is willing to watch! She also has learned to growl. It is really funny and of course...CUTE! This week Meg also seemed to have found her tongue. It is constantly hanging out of her mouth wagging like a dog or blowing spit. We are quite concerned that she might bite it off due to the fact that it is never in its proper place. I actually bit my tongue off when I was two. That wasn't a very nice thing to do to my mother who isn't a real fan of blood. Maybe Meg is going to be giving me my pay backs. Please don't baby. I don't really like blood either. (Plus I get the giggles when I'm panicked and a hysterically laughing mother in the ER doesn't look real great. People don't think it's very nice.)

P.S. Meg took her first step on Christmas. She was very pleased with herself!!! We'll keep you posted on her progress!


Connor finally decided that Santa is not all that bad and sat on his lap. He actually sat on his lap twice this week. He continually said, "I'm not scared of Santa anymore. I'm brave." Yes, Connor, you are brave. Either that or just wanted presents!!! Connor is sure that Santa is going to be bringing him a gun.

Sirri realized late this week, that even though she sat on Santa's lap, she never did tell him that she wanted a camera for Christmas. She worked herself up to quite a tizzy. I was finally able to reassure that mom knows Santa Claus and I'd get him the message.

Connor had already found that his mom knows Santa. He was being so naughty one day and I absolutely could not get through to him. SO, I'm not proud of it, BUT, I used the Santa card. I told Connor that if he couldn't make good choices I would have to call Santa. Just a threat didn't work. I picked up the phone and "called" Santa. Connor was sobbing and I felt TERRIBLE. It's one thing to say that Santa is watching but to actually CALL him. That is low and calls for a little extra repenting!!!

The Snow:
We've had lots of snow this week. I'm thrilled!!! I love to have a white Christmas. The kids loved watching the snow plow!!!

The Treats:
Thanks for the idea Denae! My kids had a great time making these yummy treats and they are sooooo good. And it's a good thing since I had to go to Walmart, Albertsons, Broulims, K-Mart and finally to the Dollar Store before I could find square pretzels. Who knew pretzels were such a holiday favorite?!?!

I'm very glad to replace the vampire book post and ensuing controversy!! (Why did THAT have to be my last post before crazy Christmas?!?!) Apparently, my readers love to exaggerate and tell a good story (but I knew that and that's why I LOVE them) because I've been informed by a few reliable sources that there IS NO vampire lovin' in any of the books! So, I guess if I feel like it I can keep on reading. (Or like I said, you can all read them and just keep telling me what happens.) We'll see.

I had my pictures all formatted how I wanted them and then they changed when I published them. Grrrr. Anyone have any secrets to share?


gab said...

love the marker-eating baby! sooo cute!

Jessica said...

I ALSO laugh when people get hurt. After all these years, my husband gets SO mad, and I really cannot help it.

Did she poop green?

Laurel said...

Cute treats! What are they, and how did you do it? Spill the details girl!

I will be getting you pictures of my hair. I HATE growing it out. Usually at this point I cave and just cut it off again, but I think this time I am going to manage...I think.

Baby Meg looks like a handful. And it's making me ask myself, "Do I want to do that again?" Griffin just stopped destroying everything in sight...

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

My favorite pic is the one of baby Meg by the knocked down tree. PRICELESS!!!!!

I'm totally doing those pretzel things next year. They look delish!

NT Weekes Family said...

Hi Lisa!
ok... I thought my kids was the only one who ate, sucked & or bit off the markers! My Brendan (2+) LOVES them!They are NO fun to try and wash off though! --He doesn't do it so much anymore, he now just likes to color on himself, the whole hand ect. 'till he gets caught! My Brendan has also been into the tree this year... he started hitting my Christmas balls off the tree like a basball with his bat. I ended up taking down all my balls before more got broken! :o) --I was tired of punishing him (he wasn't getting it) and just couldn't stand guard by the Christmas tree anymore.
It was really nice of Sirri to go visit the little old lady from Chruch.... how sweet.-- She must get it from her mom, I think kids sometimes know what we need! :o)
The treats are fun to make with the kids aren't they!? A frined of mine "show & told" me how to do them last year... I just use the round regular looking pretzels... you're good to go out and find different ones! The "hugs" looked really cute, I'll have to try those next year! Can't wait to see the Christmas post! I'm working on mine today....
Love, Nickelle

Grandma W. said...

They did a really good job on the pretzels! A friend of mine I play pinochle with made them for our cookie exchange the other night. It was the first time I had ever seen them and, oh, so good!! I will do some next year!
I love the look on Meg's face as she sits by the tree! You just thought you had it away from her!!!
Please give all three of the kids hugs and kisses for us!
We love you!