Monday, December 31, 2007

Tip Junkie

Do you ever read the Tip Junkie? It is a great blog with LOTS of great tried and true tips and ideas. Well, I've got one but I think I just may be laughed off the internet if I were to submit such a silly tip to such a prestigious site. So, I'll share it here. Prestigious we are NOT!

Plus, I think the brain child behind this tip is quite imaginative, ingenious, hysterical, and not to mention good looking. So, without further ado, the great idea.

Do you have a big inflatable toy that needs blowing up? Maybe a swimming pool, beach ball, blow up boxing gloves (which are so fun, by the way, and I want some) or a new family member named Buzz, as is our case? You say you don't have enough hot air for such toys?

Well, my husband has found a solution! Ladies and gentlemen, check this out....


And Big ole Buzz only consumed just over a can of air.

I know. Pure genius. He's created a revolution. That's why I married him.


Bridget said...

That's really funny. Good work. YOu know what else works? A bike pump. You just need a little adapter to make it fit. Necessity is the mother of invention, no?

NT Weekes Family said...

How do you can air? :o)
Pretty funny though!


Amanda said...

Air in a can! I love it! What's awesome is air is FREE so almost no overhead. You should be making millions in no time. :)

Grandma W. said...

Pretty ingenious, Kendon! But, why didn't you just use an air pump like you use for bicycles?
Maybe I am not hip to something?
We love ya! Did you have to buy the air in the can?

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Isn't air in a can like 3 bucks or something? Hmmmm.... Good idea though. I could use some air in a can to clean my gross keyboard. EWWW.

Tip Junkie said...

What are you talking about, that's a great tip! I also have a hubby that would do anything to get out of blowing into plastic. ;) Simply brilliant. Let's start the revolution.