Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jensen Family Week in Review Dec. 10th - 15th

OK. This is really a "grandparent post." Anyone is welcome to read but it IS LONG! Now, that my blog is all printed out (keep reading for details!!!) I have this urge to write about everything for posterity!!! If you thought I was long winded before...BEWARE!!!

Well, this is pretty much how it looked at our house all week..

Kendon, Connor and Sirri were sick ALL week. Kendon started it with the flu, followed by Connor who had the crazy fever, lay on the couch and be lethargic, yet have no other symptoms disease. Then Kendon had strep throat and then Sirri ended the week with a combination of all of the above.

I knew that Kendon must really be sick when he went to the doctor. In all the years we have been married he had only been to the doctor twice before this week. Once, when he rolled his four wheeler and thought his collar bone was broken (ended up being torn ligaments instead) and then when he cut off his finger. So, he really must have been feeling CRUMMY. Plus, you should have seen the inside of his throat. I wanted to shine a flashlight in there and take a picture but it was still too dark. Our doctor was so nice and just prescribed the kiddos meds without having them come in. He assumed that if there was Strep in the house and kids with fevers a little antibiotic wouldn't hurt!

Meg and I were the only ones who made it unscathed this week Which was a good thing. Someone had to wash all the puked on and pooed in (poor Sirri!!!) bed sheets. Someone had to make homemade chicken noodle soup and then eat it by herself for three days cause everyone was too sick. Someone had to be well enough to heat up the "rice babies" (rice sacks) for all the sickos! Someone had to cuddle on the couch with her sick kids and hubby. Someone had to make DQ and Sonic runs to supply a liquid/ice cream diet for the sick ones.

And as much as that last paragraph sounds like, "whoa is me!" it really was a nice week. My kids are so mellow and sweet when they are sick and it was fun to have daddy home all week. We laid around in our jammies all week and watched lots of movies. Plus, it was the perfect week to be sick because Monday morning we woke up to snow and it has snowed every day since. Not a lot, but enough to be happy to stay inside and drink hot cocoa. (Which the kids have really been into this week. It makes them seem so big to me when they say, "mom, I'm cold. Can I have some hot chocolate?" Sounds so sophisticated!)

We were able to sneak a few fun things in when the kids were feeling up to it.

Connor and Meg and I went to a Christmas party and saw Santa. Connor wanted nothing to do with the big guy (except take his treat) but Meg sat on his lap like they were long lost pals! Too bad she's the only one not getting spoiled by Santa this year. She really doesn't need much and doesn't know the difference.
The kids and I made snowflakes (it was the activity from our advent calendar, which has been fun. We've missed a day or two but still fun.) I've always made ugly square snowflakes but this year I learned to make pretty six sided ones. I think I just may have had more fun than the kids. Sirri loved singing along to the Christmas music and Connor was really happy eating the popcorn. And they were even great helpers after we were done and had created a monster mess! (I think I must have bribed them with a treat if they helped well.)

Saturday was my 29th birthday. 29 sounds so much older than 28. Isn't that weird? Now, I didn't say that I FEEL old, or that 29 IS old, it just seems older than 28. (Which, it is. Literally. I know!) I still feel like a spring chicken and sometimes have to pinch myself when I realize that I am married, have three kids, ya know, all this grown up stuff!

The BEST part of the day was when Kendon gave me my present. It happened to be the VERY FIRST part of the day and I was still in bed. This is ALWAYS where I get my presents. Kendon likes to give gifts and I think he just can't wait. And this year, was a good, no scratch that, a GREAT one!!! Kendon printed out my whole blog for me and put it in a binder. The best part was, I didn't even ask for that. He just knew I would LOVE it. And love it I do! He said that part of the deal was, he'll keep doing it as long as I keep blogging! YEAH!

For my birthday I also wanted to make gingerbread houses, so I put that in the advent calendar for the day. It was a good/messy time. I'm pretty sure the kids ate more candy than went on their houses. Oh well. That's part of the fun. Sirri wants to take her house to someone. So, today we are going to deliver it to a brother and sister in the ward who could use a little cheering up. They lost their son to suicide a year ago and the holiday has been really hard on them. Sirri has been worried about her ever since she saw her in church last week with casts on her hands. (She had carpal tunnel surgery.) Sirri has been wanting to visit her all week. Hopefully Sirri hasn't been feeling prompted and I haven't been listening. Well, today I'll listen.

For my birthday Kendon took me out to Texas road House for dinner. I had what I get EVERY time we go out to eat. Chicken strips. It was yummy. I also tried AGAIN to do a little shopping. I really need some help. A major intervention would be helpful (Oprah anyone?!?!?) Just walking into TJ Maxx made me feel extremely anxious! I did find one shirt I liked and I bought it! Aren't you so proud. I will wear it to class this week and I'll take a picture.

The bishop updated us on Aseneth today. She has finished her first round of Chemo, and is doing a little better. They have un-sedated her. Her mom is feeling lonely in SLC. I wish they were here so we could help comfort them. The doctors feel that she will be in the hospital for another 3-6 months. Keep praying.


Amanda said...

I'm glad everyone is feeling better in your house. Sounds like you really know how to take care of your family. :)

The gingerbread houses are too cute for words. I love them. I think we'll have to try that here. My daughter would love it.

Happy Birthday, too! Just wait 'til you hit 30! That's when the fun really starts. :) I'm just a year away from 40 and am actually looking forward to it.

It's good to here Aseneth is doing better. She will be in our thoughts and prayers here.

Love your week in review posts. How wonderful that your hubby printed them all out for you. Your kids will treasure them when they are adults!

Laurel said...

Are you kidding?! You're only 29?! Arghhh! When did I get to be the oldest person I know!? I think I may be more disturbed by your birthday than you are...but for the opposite reason.

Yucky week in your house! Sorry about everybody being sick, but I'm gld the two of you came out unscathed. I hate being sick at Christmas. Hope everyone is well enough by then to enjoy the holiday.

I love hearing about you advent activities. This week we really lost steam. There was just so much going on. I am really looking forward to the kids being out of school. I know that sounds weird, but I just love having them home with me.

I will continue to pray for Aseneth and her family. What a trial. It makes my heart hurt for them.

And keep shopping! If you ever want to escape the snow, you could come shopping down here. It's warm, and have I mentioned that I'm really good at it? :0)

Celia Fae said...

I'm dying to know! How did the blog printing turn out? I want to see pictures. What a clever and thoughtful husband!

Glad you had a good birthday and enjoyed the cuddly sick kids. And to come through unscathed is a miracle.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I'm glad you didn't get sick like everyone else. Because when the MOM is sick AND the kids, it's a recipe for poop and barf disaster. And the mom gets run ragged. Oh, and at least your done with the germs before Christmas. Right?

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I just realized I didn't wish you a happy birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh, and I'm older so there.

jessica said...

Okay, when I read that you were turning 29 my mind started racing. I knew that I had to be the same age as you but I have been thinking I was 27 all year, in fact, as I type this I'm still thinking I'm 27. I had to do the math and accept the blow that I'm a year older than I thought I was. So thanks for the reality check!

Grandma W. said...

My Goodness!!! You did have quite a week!! But, as usual, you took care of everything - including making gingerbread houses!!!! Honey, you amaze us!!
What a nice birthday gift from Kendon! And, so glad you got to go out to dinner! You are not old!
You will always be one of our little girls! And, we love you so much!

Denae said...

We are the same age! And we have the same 3 kids. I'm glad you had a good birthday! How sweet of your husband to print the blog. I want that too. and I want to see yours!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday! You are young!

And your husband is trying to beat my husband in the fabulous category.

And keep updating us on Aseneth.

Eli & Angela said...

You have to be the funnest mom ever. Do you do mommy camps? I could use a lesson or two. Happy late birthday. You're still a spring chicken. By the way, my friend sent me a link to a website where you can turn your blog into a book. It's:
It might be useful the next time you need/want to print off your blog.