Sunday, December 2, 2007

Jensen Family Week in Review Nov. 26-Dec. 2

A Pictorial

(Though that isn't a promise for no commentary. I'll TRY to keep it to a minimum. Especially since I didn't do the same with the pictures. There are lots! )


My week started out with some much needed new couch covers. We have had these old ones for 6 years now and they are looking ROUGH/DEAD! Don't worry that I didn't get a picture of the new covers...they look JUST like the old ones (except without the holes and gashes!) I know, I am so boring to get the same ones, but I like them.

Monday we officially started listening to Christmas music ( I would have started weeks ago, but try to keep the peace and hold out a little longer!) We also bought our first box of Clementines of the season. Who cares if they were ten bucks a box. They just taste like Christmas to me and the kids love them. (The best part is they can peel their own!) We also purchased MORE peppermint ice cream. I know I have a serious addiction!

The best part of the day was putting up Christmas decorations. I have very few because I have such an itty bitty house but I love them anyway. Me Standing on the new couch covers. Oops. I was in trouble!

My infamous baggy wreath that everyone makes fun of! I don't care. I like it. And it shines so pretty.

Our stocking are special because they are handmade. My great grandmother Esther Weldon made mine and Kendon's and the kids' were made by my grandmother Marcella. We still don't have Meg's yet.

My Dollar Store centerpiece! $6 total to "make" the whole thing. Works for me!

What a sweet LITTLE tree. Yes, it is four feet tall! We don't have a place for a big tree (unless we move the couch into the kitchen like we did before we had kids. No thx.) I also like that it is stuck behind the couches so Meg can't get it!
I just love my ornaments in the glass vase. So simple, so pretty.

Tuesday Kendon took Connor's stitches out.
"We are Jensen's. We don't pay a doctor to remove stitches."
And it was actually a very simple task. Snip snip, tug tug...viola!
Connor didn't wince once.
The only whining we heard was from Drama Queen Sirri. She stepped in the little pile of stitches on the couch. When Kendon took them out of her sock Sirri was saying "ow, ow!" before she even realized it didn't hurt! Oh, Brother!

Along with the peppermint ice cream, we bought Cherry Chocolate Chip. It isn't our favorite so we fed it to the kids. Aren't we nice parents. It is pretty bad that almost the only time our kids get ice cream is when we buy a flavor we don't like. Hey, I prefer to eat my ice cream in peace...after the kids go to bed! They don't even realize what they're missing

Thursday I watched four extra kids. This is what the play room/Sirri's bedroom looks like after three , three year old boys get their hands on it. It didn't help that I spent much of the morning on the couch holding one little guy who wasn't feeling well. Meaning, that the other boys were left to their own devices! SCARY! We did do a fun activity though! Anyone need to know what to do with all the packing peanuts they have this time of year? Lick em, and stick em! They make great sculptures! Sirri loved it. Though she looks a little frightened here. I think she was afraid that her little brother was going to saw it apart for the 5th time. Sigh. Little brothers.

AND the BIGGEST news of the week..... INTRODUCING:
Sarah Jane
Nov. 3oth 2007
9:02 am
8 lbs
19 inches
Isn't she so pretty! Both she and Mommy are doing well. I can not wait to get my hands on her in January.

Friday we took the kids to the college for Christmas Tree Lane. Santa was there but THIS is as close as anyone would get to him. Aren't they supposed to be unafraid of Santa by the time they are four?

Saturday night I stayed up late creating this advent calendar. I am so excited that it turned out. I am going to fill the pockets with fun Christmasy things that we can do each day. Some will be service, some will just be fun, but they will all be things that we can do as a family to remind us about the true meaning of Christmas! I'm going finish up the list tonight. So we have already missed two days of December but, hey!

Sirri wore this new dress to church today. My cousin handed it down to her and boy does she ever think she is a princess. Well, I guess she is right!!!!!!!!
And last but not least. The sad news of the week. A sweet little 8 year old girl in our Primary class was diagnosed with Leukemia this week. I am just heart broken for Aseneth and her family. Our ward had a special fast for her today. A few of the members of our class fasted for her too. That really touches my heart to see 8 year olds be so hungry and have so much faith for their friend. Just last week our Primary lesson was on the Law of the Fast. It was interesting to hear the things that they have fasted for in their short experience with help them find something that was lost, to help their mom get over a cold. Simple things like that. And then BAM! Now, they are fasting for their friend's LIFE. I fasted and prayed today for sweet little Aseneth but also for these sweet little 8 year olds having their first real experience with fasting. I hope that their prayers will be answered in a way that will help strengthen their faith and give them an example of the power of fasting.

OK. Once again, Long winded Lisa! So much for the PICTORIAL!


gab said...

Great week in review! How exactly do you make a "baggie wreath"?

Denae said...

You are so busy! Ok, I love that your husband took the stitches out. We went and got Macey's out the other day and it was so so simple and we waited for an hour for them to do it on one minute! But neither Dave or I could have done we are both wimps. You need to tell us all about your bag wreath?? Is it made of bags? And is is sparkly and shiny- I like it.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I was so sad to read about the girl in your primary class. Cancer is such a scary thing... and at Christmas no less. Even though I don't know her, I'll keep her in our prayers. Cancer touched our family too so I'm extra sensitive about it.

Oh and the baggy wreath? I actually really LIKE IT. You'll have to tell me how to do it:

LOVE the pictures of the kids and LOVE how we're not the only one that eat ice cream after the kids go to bed.

Paige said...

That picture of sweet Sirri is priceless.

jessica said...

I love your advent calendar! What a fun way to keep the family's focus on more than shopping and presents. It looks super cute too!

NT Weekes Family said...

Hi Lisa!

The tree looks great! It's nice to get a head start on Christmas decorations! The corner thing works great, last year almost all of my decorations where on the top of the tree because of the little one... this year I went a little lower! Dressing up Little girls in pretty Chirstmas dresses is my favorite! (& Easter) We have never done stitches yet (knkock on wood) but we have done 2 broken arms in one year & the same person... different arms! -- my husband cut teh first one off, the second one they put up over her elbow, my husbnad was afraid to cut the 2nd one off, I was too!-- we went back to the doctor for that one!
Cancer is a scary word! My uncle fought it for a year and lost his baddle this past January! Little kids incredible!! One of my frinds' son had a brain tumor removed when he was just 4yrs. old & then her nephew fought cancer and won at just the age of 2! My prayers alwasy go out to those with cancer and those families!
You're a wonderful person Lisa, & a great Primary teacher... what a blessing you are to those sweet children! ok, now that I have written a novel, I'm going to log off now!
E-mail me sometime...
~ Nickelle!

AMY said...

Loved the pictorial. After all, a pic is worth a thousand words! I, too, want to know the baggie wreath how-to. I think my kids would love it. And nice job with the stitches. What a man! (Both dad and Connor for sitting there so good!) Keep us posted on little Aneseth. Praying for good news!

Rochelleht said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sad about your little primary girl. I'll definetely remember her in our prayers. SO sorry!

Jessica said...

You seem to do so much!

And my husband and I got in a huge fight on Halloween because I wouldn't take his stitches out (on his back or he would have done it himself), so he tromped over to the neighbor and he did it. Men.

Laurel said...

I am so sad for that little girl and her family. What a difficult thing to be enduring this holiday season. It's so scary! I will pray for them, too.

Your advent calendar is darling with a capital D! Amazing, you little crafty one! We made our red and green paper chains tonight. So far we have been having a great time. The kids really look forward to it.

Grandma W. said...

There you go again! Outdoing your Grandma, who is so slow any more!!
Your house looks cute and the new couch covers are great! Old Doc Jensen did a great job on the stitches! And, we are so glad to have new little Sarah Jane! Aren't we lucky??!! And, aren't you lucky getting to go to LA in January!!?? Good for you!! Sirri looks darling in her new dress! I bet she is so proud! Cute pic of you and the three kids!!
I am so sorry about the little eight year old! Just isn't fair!!
Again, we are so fortunate!!!!
We love you!

Phillip and Kirsten said...

I love your advent calendar! AND your cute cute house! I can't wait to have walls that I can paint! Each will be a different color!
I'll have to make sculptures with the children, too--they are just waking from nap and I haven't gotten out ANY Christmas decorations yet, so here's to small trees behind the couch--exactly where ours is going!
ps--Sarah Jane is so adorable! Way to go, Kim!