Thursday, August 21, 2008

And Just What Were Meg and Connor Doing the Whole Time I was at PCMC?


frozen pizza

i asked connor,"do you want frozen pizza for lunch?"
connor replied,"no way! that would be gross-i like warm pizza."
too cute!




do you ever wonder what your babysitters do with your kids while your gone? well i'm going to show you what i do...after cleaning up way to many meg messes-
i put her to work: cleaning my garbage can.
she begged to please stop-but not yet!
then i made her stay in there-all day long(at least it's cleaned)
no matter how sad she got
or how many faces she pulled at me!

i know: i'm pretty tough! So you better think twice before letting me watch your kids.


*putting marbles in the toilet
*not sitting in the shopping cart(well at least not willingly)
*throwing macaroni and cheese all over the kitchen
*dumping the fish food and eating it(sorry lisa)
*taking her OWN bath-clothes and all
*opening ramen noodle soup, all by herself and eating it
*unrolling the toilet paper(every chance she got)

oh having meg around... reminded me of how busy and full of life a toddler is-I LOVE IT!
thanks meg.



"I saw Jaci at soccer practice Tuesday. Connor and Koy were putting rocks down the slide and eating Ritz crackers. Jocie and Meg had a small confrontation (easily settled) over a bag of cereal. Life just keeps moving forward."

These are posts that Jaci did while we were in the hospital and the last is from an e-mail my friend Jenny sent. I was always so thankful to see and hear what my kiddos were doing an a day to day basis. It helped me feel connected.

Amidst the miracles that Sirri's cancer was only in stage one (something that many of the doctors and all the nurses had NEVER seen before because it just doesn't happen) and that her cancer had not spread, and that she didn't need chemo or radiation, and that we even found the cancer to begin with, the fact that Jaci had my kids every day was also a miracle to me.

The Sunday before this whole "journey" began, Jaci and her family were scheduled to go on a family vacation. "Somehow," their condo that they were to stay in did not get booked through their agent. So, they didn't go. And Jaci's plans for a relaxing week were changed drastically.

Jaci had my kids everyday and to her I am so indebted. It meant so much to me that my kids were in a place where they feel just as comfortable as home. A place that Connor felt comfortable enough to ask all his questions about where Sirri was and why she was there. A place where Meg was doted on and loved to pieces even when she was tired and grumpy. I missed my kids terribly every day, but never once did I worry about them. To a mom, that is a miracle.

Thank you Jaci, for being my kiddos second mom. They love you and so do I.

And I hope you've gotten a nap since then. You deserve it!


I also want to say a great big, huge, ginormous, thank you to Stacey who picked my kids up from Jaci's every day and took them home to sleep in their own beds. I appreciate the sacrifice that she (and her hubby) made to sleep at my house every night so the kids could have a tie to home and family every day. Stacey also kept everyone up to date as to how everything was going with Sirri, she did my laundry (ack!), renewed my library books, made sure my kids were bathed, made numerous phone calls for me, came over to the house at 4:00 in the morning so Kendon could hop a ride to SLC, decorated our house for our homecoming, and so many other things that I'm not even aware of. Stace, you were a dream. I love you.


Bridget said...

That is so funny to see Meg in the garbage can. You just gotta hope they got a bath after that right? :)

D-dawg said...

First of all, I'm so relieved and thankful that Sirri is doing so well and that is wasn't as horrible as it could have been! So great that she didn't have to do chemo and they could get it all out. What a relief. And how awesome that you had so many people helping you and taking such good care of your kids while you were away.

Hazen5 said...

You are so blessed to have such great, caring friends at times like these! I am so glad things are getting better.

♥Shally said...

Wonderful people attract wonderful friends! You are so blessed to have them...

Phillip and Kirsten said...

that's amazing. i hope i can be that nice to someone else's kids if they need me. i hope i can be that nice to my own kids--yikes! they were so grumpy this morning, and SO WAS I!!

Hollyween said...

I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well. You were truly blessed!!! What a miracle!

Isn't it the best to have great friends and wonderful family who help out no matter what? I'm so happy you have that!


oh my. those pictures of meggers are to die for. i love her!

Jenibelle said...

I can't get over the fact that your garbage can is so clean you can put a baby in it. Impressive. Can Jacie move here and whip my place into shape?

Stephanie said...

I am so glad this all has a happy ending..It is really great you have people around that love you and your family that help out. Conner and Meg look like they had a blast. Great job to everyone.

Lauren in GA said...

Such great friends!

I loved the comment about the frozen, so, cute!

Stacey Jensen said...

I am so glad I was able to be there for you. I love you guys so much and you have done so much for me. I am glad when you had a need I could help and you called. Mostly I am really glad our kiddo is doing so well. She is a miracle girl and my life would be so sad without her in it. I love you too. Thank you again for the chance to serve you. It is about time I could return the favors you have done for me and then some.

Grandma W. said...

You have such wonderful friends and sister-in-law - but, you see - it all comes back, Honey! And, I know what you have done for some of them and you will always be there for them just as they were for you!
Sirri, you are so lucky that so many wonderful people love you like they do! We are so grateful you are getting back to normal - and, loving school!
We love you!!

Grandma W. said...

I forgot what I was doing! I love the pictures of Meg! At least, they had fun while you were gone!
Though they did miss you terribly!
The garbage can pictures are price-less! Our baby is growing up too!!