Saturday, August 2, 2008

Connor's 4th Birthday - July 22nd 2008

You also received a play laptop.
You want to be just like Daddy!

TONS of fun at Egin Lakes

Tadpoles and frogs GALORE!

Meg LOVED the sand and water.

The girls worked really hard on a castle...You loved tearing it down.
You also refused to have your picture taken. I tried and tried to get a four year old picture. You won. It was your birthday after all.

Pizza dinner and presents at the range!

A VERY cool remote control car!

Monster cupcakes.

That Meg enjoyed!!!!

Hope you had a great birthday, buddy!
We LOVE you.


The Anderson Family said...

It looks like thanks to Jaci you had the great talents of the Anderson Sand Castle building. They get down and serious when it comes to Sand Castles. What a fun day!!! Happy Birthday Connor.

Lauren in GA said...

Happy Birthday, Connor!

It looks like you had great fun :)

My boys love tearing down sand castles...and they would really dig those monster cupcakes.